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Discussion in 'iPod' started by Makosuke, Aug 11, 2005.

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    Ok, that's just weird... I did a search in the little toolbar bubble for "boa" (I was wondering if the US store has either the Korean J-Pop star or the British group who did the theme song for Lain), and the result I get is "Your search for "country grammar" did not match any results."


    A search for "artists" in the same way (using the spyglass popup) apparently interprets "boa" instead as "m", searching for Albums looks up "Boys and girls", while composers, songs, and iMixes actually work properly (not finding any in the former two, and turning up a bunch of stuff in the latter).

    Is this just on my iTunes, or do others see this, and what the heck kind of programming error does this?
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    Screenshot, for as little as it's worth

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    Well report it to Apple and tell them to get their act together because i want BoA on iTMS
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    Hey, there are more broken searches, too... looking for "m" also turns up "country grammar", and "at" gets you "woman". Is this an old bug that I just found for myself?
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    I do too! or any K-Pop for that matter! BoA is kinda overrated though :p
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    Check out iTunes Japan, no BoA, but they have the UK BoA.

    I see Ayu, DAI, everyone I love. :D
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    Did anybody try to reproduce this yesterday, out of curiosity? I just tried it again at home (was at work before), and it seems to be functioning almost properly... at least, a search for "boa" now turns up what it should, including "Boa (UK)", which is nice, even though it's only one album. No BoA, though, not that that particularly upsets me.

    Not totally fine, though--searching for "at" or "s" is now acting as if I've searched for "\", "]", "s", or "at", depending on the category.
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    Mmm... BoA. She is hot.



    Works for me. UK BOA and mflo♥BoA show up.

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    Key is better than Lain. Just FYI. :)


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