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Body modification, this guy is out there

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Shivetya, Jul 16, 2010.

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    That's horrendous.
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    Several companies I've worked at, if this guy knew his stuff and was able to do the job well, they'd give him a position no problem.

    Considering the amount of anti-racist education out there, that we've all learnt to grow up and not judge people in the corporate world by their skin colour, race, creed, sexuality, or disability, it saddens me to see how many people just reject someone on the basis of how they look.

    What would you do if faced with someone highly skilled, maybe more skilled than you, who just happens to look different? How is slagging this guy off different to being racist?
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    I think that looks quite cool TBH. Wouldn't do it to myself, but each to their own eh?

    And speaking as a business owner I'd quite happily hire him if he were articulate and possessed the knowledge my customers need.
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    Right, but this guy is choosing to look like a demon, which in most cultures (at least Western ones and the one that he lives in) is supposed to be evil. Evil is the opposite of Good. So no, I wouldn't hire someone who is outwardly telling me that they believe in Evil: lying, deceit, hurting others, ...
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    I'm all for basing judgment more on skills and character than appearance in a hiring/business situation. However, in case some of you didn't notice, this photo is from The Smoking Gun, known for its weekly roundups of bizarre mugshots. Yes, that's right, this is a crime booking photo.

    Before you hire that quirky yet articulate and knowledgeable fellow-- or before you hire that slickly groomed, suave Ivy League grad-- do a background check.
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    He's choosing to look reptilian rather than demonic as I see it. Nothing evil about an iguana.
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    Are you being sarcastic? That's like something a 5 year old would say. Even my own 5 year old daughter would call that a little simplistic. She loves spiders and snakes and beetles, even if they 'look creepy crawly'.

    Perhaps you mean daemon? Daemons are helpful little background processes that run around in most UNIX systems, including your own mac, and do all sorts of useful little things behind the scenes - on startup, when logging in, printing etc.

    Likewise there's more people who look like him than you think, doing all sorts of useful things behind the scenes. I'd rather trust the contents of my wallet to someone who looks like him (smoking gun website or not) than the board of trustees/ CEO of a bank or BP. Look what they've done to us all.
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    A lot of the times it just ends up looking nasty - or a mess. But this is really professionally done. I think the eyebrows especially look wicked! I like that it's symmetrical as well which really helps with bodywork- it's more pleasing to the eye.
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    Why is an earring more acceptable than one in the region between his eyes?

    If I saw that guy, I'd probably do a double-, triple-, or quadruple-take and be a bit nervous for like......a few minutes. Then I'd tell myself to get over it and act like an adult. If he's a creep or someone I don't like, I'll find out by talking to him. There are lots of people who I don't like, and it's not because of the jewellery, or lack of.

    I'm not saying I wouldn't be a bit rude at first meeting. I'd be startled at first because I'm not used to all of "that", but again, I'd get over it.
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    I'd probably break out in a big grin, then if he didn't punch me for doing that go over and talk to the guy. Those poppers under the horns must be to attach something. Just from the photo I'm intrigued to find out what :)
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    I've had drinks in the pub with people who look far more wierd and messed up than him. The first 5 minutes were difficult, then you just tune it out and start focussing on the person. Just like talking to someone with a very obvious disability. Next you'll be saying don't hire disabled people.

    I grew up in an almost completely white town, with 1 single black person and one single asian man out of 20,000 white people. Everyone knew them. I didn't know the black guys name, but the asian guy was called Indian Billy. Yeah I know.

    When I moved to the city and started working with people of different colours, it was hard at first as it was new to me, but you know, I adjusted. Had a black partner for a while and all that. So can you.
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    It's frivolous like much of the cosmetic surgery that's done these days. But if that's how you want to spend your time and money . . .
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    The biggest difference is that being of a different race is something that one cannot control, so being treated differently because of that is unfair. This guy is going out of his way to look like a freaktard, so he can't cry foul if people treat him like the douchenozzle he appears to be.
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    i dont see any difference between this chap and say someone like michael jackson or the raft of celebs that have cosmetic surgery. id have thought we as a race arent that shallow anymore. at least hes not a lemming
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    Wow, just wow.:eek: If I was a business owner, no way would I hire him.
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    You appear to live in a very very sheltered part of the planet. He doesn't look like either a "freaktard" or a "douchenozzle". More than anything he looks like someone who works in a tattoo parlour.

    But I reserve judgement as to what he does for a living. For all we know he's an Internet millionaire.
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    EEP!! :eek:
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    I am a (small) business owner, and I would hire him, but not for customer facing work - he could do content management, accounts etc- back office work. Can do customer service, procurement, b2b over the phone.. lots of jobs he can do.

    But I'm sure a guy like that wouldn't want to do something boring. He probably has his own business doing tats or piercings etc and has a decent income from that and no stress either I'd imagine.

    Loosen up, don't be a


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    The very fact that he tried to kill someone - I wouldn't hire him.

    I made a game once that celebrated Satan (in a way), I might have hired him for PR work :D.
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    that is incredibly mild compared to people like the cat man.
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    Maybe in the states this would be difficult, but do not assume it is so in the whole world. I know some guys in my hospital that look almost (I mean, similar but without the horns) like him, and they do their work like any other.

    Aren't you a little prejudiced? But then again, aren't we all? Just for different aspects, but we all are.
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    Those are things you're born with. This guy did all this stupid **** to himself by choice.

    Decisions speak. Race and sexual orientation mean nothing because they're not decisions.
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    They left out the best part in that article (aside from the picture)...

    He was driving a 1996 Ford Windstar
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    Aside from the fact that he tried to kill someone, this guy doesn't look bad at all. A bit odd, but I've seen far worse.

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