Body of Dru Sjodin Found

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by keysersoze, Apr 17, 2004.

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    This absolutely crushed me. Maybe it's because I was hoping for the best... I have friends being shot at in Iraq, but I can at least rationalize their being in peril by the fact that they are at least being backed up by their fellow soldiers. But when something completely senseless like this happens, I just feel terrible. Hopefully this recent news can bring some closure to her family. I can't even imagine what they are going through.

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    This truly very sad. My prayers go out to her family and friends. I'm certain that they are devastated. My hope is that they have faith to help them through this time of loss. By reading the article about Dru Sjodin, it sounds as though her fate was sealed on December 1st. Finding the bloody knife with her DNA wasn't a good sign. It truly brings tears to my eyes. Only God can answer the reason why. Dru is now in a much better place. :(
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    I'll tell you what's sad. People disappear every day, and people are murdered every day. Often they're just like Dru - young women, abducted, raped, killed, whatever. Cases like that are always covered by local media, with good reason. Yet over the past six months this is the one case that gets national media attention. Ask yourself why that is.

    It's a horrible tragedy and I wouldn't wish it on anyone or any family. But it's made even more disturbing by the fact that national news channels picked it up because it was a hot chick that disappeared. Bloodsuckers.
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    Truly a sad ending. It's sickening that the guy was a previously convicted sex offender. Two rapes, an an attempted rape, now tack on murder.
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    All abductions hurt. Especially when they end like Dru's did. I have very strong feelings about how the people that do these crimes should be delt with. Society failed Dru. It failed her because the Criminal Justice system did not do what it was supposed to do. Protect the innocent.

    It reminds me of Samantha Runion. I think of that little girl every day. Every day. I can't think of her without the tears welling up in my eyes. I cannot imagine her horror. The way she died. The pain. The suffering.

    As a parent, I would stop existing at that point. Yet, the man that murdered Samantha, his trial is on hold over one year later, because the defense (I cannot believe I am even using that word in context with this) is wanting more time to go over the DNA evidence.

    I pray for all of the innocent. I pray that the wrath of someone, or God, or life itself will deal with them before one more innocent person, child, or animal befalls their wrath.
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    The 24/7 news media has to have something to talk about. When there is no other news they return to abductions like these, a favorite Jon Benet Ramsey.

    The reason why men like Alfonso Rodriguez, get to be out on the street is simple. It's all the bleeding heart judges. :eek: :(
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    I was closely involved with a missing person case over a period of several years. It is devastating, and when a body is finally found it opens all wounds again instead of bringing closure. In this case, justice was served, but there are always appeals, which drag things out in a seemingly endless way.

    My heart goes out to the family, and the families of countless others that are still waiting to hear about their missing loved ones.
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    Dont Hurt Me

    So does this killer need to be kept alive at our expense until he dies of old age in prison? I say not on his life. bleeding heart liberals please feel free to respond on why we should keep this bastard alive.
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    You know that there is a real easy and simple way to prevent that from happening! Although it will take years to restore sanity.
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    Attempted Agrivated Rape, Agrivated Rape, Attempted Kidnapping, and yes, Kidnapping.

    Here is a link to his bio
    Notice, the words "no longer under supervision".

    Here is a link to what he has done since.
    Notice, released last May after serving 23 years! November killed Dru.

    They found her body yesterday.,2933,117398,00.html

    MacDawg, are you saying Justice was served in the case you delt with, or Dru's? Because I can tell you, what she got was not Justice, and there is nothing that we can do to him that would be Justice. Fairness is what Justice really means, so, should we do the same to him that he did to Dru? Maybe give him to the polar bears? Would that be Justice?

    If you were talking about the case you worked on, I am sorry brother ;)
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    I was speaking of the case I was associated with... not Dru's... and I meant it only in the sense that the killer (actually her husband) was given life in prison (eligible for parole in 15, appeals pending), not that TRUE justice was served. I meant it only in contrast to other cases where killers are never caught, or never serve any time. There is no true justice in these cases, even if the killer is executed.

    In the case I was associated with, the husband killed his wife, dumped her body and reported her missing 2 days later. We searched for this precious mother of 2 small children and held out hope. She went missing for over 2 years before her body was found and another 3 years before he was convicted of her murder. Now he claims he was framed.

    Dru's case is so very sad. I have followed it for some time because I have a great interest in those who have suffered through missing person cases. I have visited the website ( often and grieved because I too posted a similar site for the person mentioned above. I put every update as it came, and received well wishing emails from around the world for that case.

    IMHO... Dru's killer should be executed. He should never be given another opportunity to harm anyone else. Period.
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    Man, that is a horrible story. I agree with you 100%. 100%.
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    That's sad. I'd imagine at this stage, they're sad indeed, but relieved that it's now "over." At least they are getting that much.
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    I can only speak concerning the case I referred too... and yes, there is a finality when the body is finally found, but because of trials, appeals, news stories, etc. it takes a long, long time to ever feel like anything is over, and there is always a void.

    So tragic... such a waste.

    None of the people involved in the search for Dru will ever forget their involvement I'm sure.

    I agree with the post above... there are so many cases like this that never get reported nationally. It is heartbreaking to think of the loss the families feel.

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