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Bono Interview @ 2:30 EST

Discussion in 'Community' started by cleo, May 23, 2002.

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    (I'm not even going to pretend that this has anything to do with Macs.)

    I know there are a lot of Bono/U2 fans here, and activists and such... so if you're interested and are near a TV, Bono is doing an interview on MSNBC at 2:30 EST. He's currently in Africa with the Sec. of the Treasury trying to get aid used properly.

    - This Service Announcement Brought to You by Cleo, Your Friendly MR Bono-stalker. :D
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    Re: Bono Interview @ 2:30 EST

    thanks. bono is the freaking man.

    his rock star attitude came off bad to me at first. but the thing is, he knows he's a star, and he's using it to help people....

    i hit up like 5 u2 shows this past tour and indeed each show he impressed me more than the last. except pulling a girl up and practically dry humping her. ha
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    Re: Re: Bono Interview @ 2:30 EST

    I agree, this tour was one of the best yet IMHO.

    Random Bono Fact of the Day: When U2 first started getting big in Ireland, Bono for a while considered leaving the band because he was afraid his Christian morals were going to be corrupted by the rock-star way of life. (Courtesy of Behind the Music :D)

    But seriously, the man is brilliant. He knows economic theory and the way the international community works, and he's totally using his status as a rock star to do things that even the most respected progressive politicians can't pull off (debt relief, anyone?). This bit with African foreign aid is spectacular, because he's really drawing attention to the fact that the US continues to use foreign aid for strategic purposes instead of humanitarian ones. He has automatic paparazzi wherever he goes, which means the world is getting to see exactly what these billions and billions of dollars of aid have done this far (virtually nothing).

    Yay, Bono!
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    Bono is definitely in the " what's right about the world" category. the man is brilliant in so many ways.

    i'll be watching.

    thanks for the heads-up, cleo
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    Re: Re: Re: Bono Interview @ 2:30 EST

    i had only been to the pop mart show before this one.... but this was the best. my brother (has been seeing them for 10+ years) concurred... basically, the smaller venues and intimacy that allowed was great...

    he definitely rules.

    pointless family/bono fact.

    my bro went to ireland a few years ago. went to dublin. went to bono's house. rang the bell at the gate "is bono there?" "uhh, who's this?" "it's chris" (hahahaha) "he's not in right now"...

    a few mins later my bro is sitting on the curb and bono drives out the gate, and waves and smiles to him.... haha.

    also, my bro got bono's nyc address so last summer after an msg show he went to his apartment and around 2 am bono pulls up in a lincoln or something. bro starts crossing the street towards the apt. the driver gets in his way "where are you going?" "just going to say hi to bono" "no you're not. if you want his autograph find him in the park or something. this is his home, where his family is..."

    the guy had a good point. but it was funny. my bro isn't the type for an autograph. he wanted to talk to him about how to effectively provide aids drugs to africa... would be cool.. maybe bono would bring him out for a pint. haha (bro doesn't drink though... hmmm)
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    Jello, your brother is my new hero. Tell him that.

    Did you guys see the interview? I was impressed. The news guy obviously didn't want to talk about the issues, but Bono didn't give him the time of day. He started talking about how poorly history would look upon the US for withholding AIDS treatments from Africa, and the news guy got kind of pissed. Yay, Bono!

    I swear I will meet him one day.
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    tight! i hope they re air it because i was working at that time.
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    i recorded it and just watched the end again... i wasn't paying much attention the first time and then saw what you (cleo) said about us going down in history for bad reasons..

    and dang. that's awesome. for those who care but didn't see... he was saying that if a country like china had had a solution for the black death during the middle ages and hadn't shared it, think of how badly they'd be written up in history books. so, if the us and europe don't do anything now, they will.... and cut off. and he had to finish his thought quickly and then end the interview.

    just for clarification. when he said "a country like china" he was just picking a random, non euro country... ie, outside the problem. similar to how the us/europe are outside the african aids problem...

    word. goooood stuff.
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    haha. sure. but you can tell him yourself.

    he's "gelbin"

    doesn't post often.

    he's a damned freak.
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    i missed it...was all prepared to watch and got a call from a client....fires, fires everywhere....

    hey jello, you wouldn't mind transcribing the whole thing for me?


    oh well, maybe they'll rerun it( of course they'll edit it to pieces..bono will then be saying what a fine job the us is doing)
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    Re: dagnabbit

    i'm one step ahead of you. i've transcribed it in 18 different languages....

    oh wait. no i didn't. ha.

    and yes, they'll edit it for sure.

    if i still had rca into my comp i'd put it on here for you.... i need a way to get from vhs to my comp..... hmmmmmm

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