BookArc for 2010 Macbook Air page is up

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by DarwinOSX, Jan 28, 2011.

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    Cool I'll get one
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    Will this work for minidisplay to HDMI ? What i mean is that if i want to watch a movie via netflix, can i have the mba closed and resting in this book arc, while the movie plays on tv via hdmi?
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    Yes, you should be able to run clamshell to your TV in this stand.
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    Thanks! Now i ve got to figure out how to do it :p
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    I don't quite understand the cable management system. Do they provide a cord with the bookarc?
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    It looks to me like there is a notch on the back edge which probably has a clip or grommet which holds the cables in place so they don't slide out and fall on the floor behind your desk when you remove the computer and unplug them. Probably not much of anything to make a big deal out of ... now if it connected when you dropped the computer into the stand ... :rolleyes:


    EDIT: I looked at the "gallery" at the link provided above and the pictures show clearly that it is merely a notch which your cables pass through to sort of hold them in place.
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    Ah, I just realized that's the Apple display cable there. Since I don't have an cinema display, I have three separate cables to go through there. I get it now.
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    The function of this product eludes me. Why the need to put the Air in a stand at all?

    Can't I connect my Air to a screen and close it, just as in the arc? I am confused...
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    The idea is to take up less room on your desk, and the computer is less susceptible to having a book or something dropped on it and denting the top cover if it is sitting vertical at the side or behind the monitor screen.

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    Hmmm ok, I guess I can see some use there. But the way describe it on the website is quite ridiculous.
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    So in the pictures they clearly show all the cords going to one, really simple cord... Do they provide this wire sytem as well??? I'm confused!
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    Something else to remember is that standing it up in this way increases air flow over the entire unit, reducing heat...even if only slightly.

    I think the performance boost is referring to the fact that when you close the Air and run in clamshell mode, you dedicate all graphics power to the external monitor. And as you've pointed out, this is not a function of the stand but of the clamshell mode itself.

    I have a tiny desk, and am currently standing my Air up on a $.39 business card holder. This is okay for now, but not ideal. BookArc is more stable and offers a bit of cable management, so I will be picking one of these up when they're available.
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    Don't think so. The picture shows the combined cable from the Apple Cinema display coming in - this is power, usb and mini display port connection in one.
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    It appears that the keyhole notch was designed with the molded cable of the Apple Cinema displays in mind. I don't know that it will be as effective with separate cables, although I guess you could "bundle" them with tape, ty-wraps, or a large rubber band or something. That is a nice feature of the ACD and keeps the wiring neat and tidy. It might make a good "accessory" for 12South to make a similar cable-only assembly available to use with their BookArc and standard components (non ACD).

    I like my prior model BookArc and am thinking of getting the new smaller one for my new MB Air. It looks nice, works well, and keeps the notebook out of the way when using it as a desktop computer with my 24" Apple Cinema Display and a bluetooth keyboard and mouse.

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    What happened with my Macbook Pro was when I connected it to an external display and my download speed dropped from 24mpbs to a mere 0.18mbps. - this happened every single time i used the computer in clamshell mode connected to an external display. I was told this was something to do with the wifi antenna (located within the apple logo) being flat, rather than upright, was hampering the signal strength and download speed. The BookArc solved this problem for me. 
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    To get it off the surface of a desk. To minimize the space it takes. To make it easier to plug in various cables. For better airflow.

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    I have to laugh at the better airflow - Do you think the expected life of your mba will decrease because of lack of airflow?

    To me, this looks like a device that will get used for the first month, gather some dust, then just get in the way. That's when you'll ask yourself - why the heck did I buy this?
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    think i am gonna chime in here for a second,....

    i do think that those upright-stands really fullfil one often oversight feature, namely: better realiability of the wlan signal!

    i am using the mba connected to an 27" acd in the office room which is farthest away from my airport extreme router. if using it in clamshell mode which i prefer and laying flat on the desk, there is really really bad reception from the air,..... if put in an upright position (in my case the "Compass" iPad stand from the same company) transfer rates raise up almost to the max!

    maybe consider this,.... ;)
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    This is a real, and actually fairly well-documented issue with all MacBooks, as the antenna, as I recall, is behind or around the logo. I know I get better reception now, with it standing up, than I did when it was flat on the desk under my monitor.

    @louden: do I think the heat will dissipate more easily with the increased airflow allowed by a stand like this? Yes, I know it does, as my fan activates infrequently now that I have it in its (temporary) stand but ran nearly constantly when it wasn't standing. Will it increase the lifespan of the processor/computer? Possibly, but airflow and lifespan are not my chief reasons for standing it up. I have an extremely small workspace, so every inch of desk real estate is needed. Standing it up beside/behind my monitor gives me that space. So, while it might become a casualty of buyer's remorse for you, it will be an essential part of my workspace setup, used and appreciated daily.
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    Sorry - I'm still skeptical about the usefulness of this product.

    Can someone tell me what happens when you "unarc" your mba? It looks like there'd be three wires sprouting up out of the arch - usb, video and power. Just kind of standing straight up and falling over on their own weight.

    Is that right?

    With regards to network activity when you're "arced" wouldn't you just plug in the wired ethernet if network connectivity was an issue?

    arced is docked, right?
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    louden,... nobody on here will convince you in buying that product!

    if you dont like it, want it, have need for it - why dont you just pass?

    but to answer your question:

    the bookarc stand is as the name of it states,.... a stand,..... nothing more, nothing less, a simple yet beautiful engineered piece of aluminium bend to an "arc" with some rubber components to stick ones mba's in,....

    believe it or not, when using clamshell-mode there is a huge benefit having ANY macbook in an upright position when using ethernet is not an option and wireless signal is not that great!

    btw, the cables you mention are coming from the apple 27" or 24" acd and are power, usb, and mini-display plugs,... the arc is NOT a docking station or whatever,... it´s just a stand,... a simple stand. a stand,........ ;)
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    Perhaps a bit of an overkill :rolleyes:
    ... but I use a BookArc simply to store my Macbook Air next to my family room couch/recliner. It keeps it out of the way, and I think it is safer positioned vertically rather than laying flat on the end table where it would be susceptible to damage from having something dropped or spilled on it. It is secure and the stand looks reasonably nice with or without the Air attached.


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