Boomboxes, etc, that can play CDs with AAC tracks

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Rantipole, Mar 15, 2005.

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    #1 they exist?

    I just saw an ad for an in-dash car stereo that proudly boasted MP3 and WMV CDs! :mad:

    I don't recall ever seeing an electronic product boasting AAC compatibility.

    Anyone ever see such a thing?
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    try this From itunes u can make a cd that can be played in any cd player...
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    The iPod is currently the only piece of electronic equipment that can play an AAC encoded file (besides a computer using iTunes).
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    I don't know the details, but I heard somewhere else on this forum that certain Nokia phones support AAC as well. This article mentions SE too. A web search for "Nokia AAC" seems to confirm this.
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    It will play AAC files, but note that I say encoded AAC files, which I don't believe it will. Besides, the nokia cell phone is far afield from a boombox..
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    WMV! It plays lo-qual video! We are in the future!
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    At least it does exist! :rolleyes:

    As AAC is not a proprietary format, I find it baffling that more people aren't doing this. Sony, of course, is trying to push their format (hellooooooo betamax), but I don't know why I don't see every other boombox sporting AAC compatibility.

    (WMV: oops, I meant WMA)

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