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Booqpad for iPad 2 Photos

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by sparkomatic, May 20, 2011.

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    Hey all. I just got my Booqpad in grey/green today and thought I'd post up some photos for you.

    I've been looking for a case like this to use for work meetings and, although I didn't like how the iPad is framed with material, I gave it a shot and ordered one. Overall, I really like it but I also just ordered a leather elago case that I think I'm going to like much more than this one.

    One thing...the Booq case smells. Wow. I'm sure the smell will go away but when I took it out of the plastic...woah! haha I really like the two slots for business cards that the case has (and something the elago case doesn't). The other thing that I'm not sure of yet is the paper refills. The paper it comes with is about 5.5"x8.25". The refills in the office chains are 5x8. You can buy refills through Booq but I just don't like how they decided to use an odd size.

    Anyway, if you have any questions, feel free to ask. I'm keeping it till the elago comes in and then I'll decide which one stays and which one goes.

    I think I'm going to Staples tomorrow to pick up some 5x8 pads. I'll post another pic with that notepad in this case for you all.

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    Here's a couple more pics with the standard 5x8 notepad being used. I'm leaning towards sending this one back but am gonna wait till the elago comes before deciding.

    I don't like how the notepad sits in the case. Yes, I'm being picky...haha

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    looks cheap, IMO.
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    Nice pics, but I'm not a fan.

    It looks very bulky.
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    Surprisingly, it doesn't feel that bulky even though it does look it.

    I'm pretty sure it's heading back for a return. I think I'm going to like the elago one much better.
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    My iPad 2 is sporting the black leather SmartCover and the black Speck Smartshell (which I received today). It looks great and it keeps the iPad very thin and light. And it's professional-looking.

    IMO, I would rather use this and carry around a separate notepad......
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    Yeah, that makes sense. Personally, I was trying to find something thin where I wouldn't have to carry around around separate items. I have a clear skin on the back of mine with a smart cover now.

    I think the elago will do what I need. I was never a fan of the folio cases with the material that covers the outside edge but thought the pics might help others make a decision.

    For the price, I think it'll be a nice case for some.
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    I can't stand the cases that have the material covering the screen's frame either. Looks horrible IMO.

    It's hard to find a case that combines a notepad with an iPad holder that doesn't add bulk, I suppose.
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    kind squished in there, not my cup of tea either.
    thanks for sharing though!
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    I don't like when cases have something over the bezel.

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