Booting a G4 mini off a xbox HD-DVD drive?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by yetanotherdave, Aug 22, 2009.

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    I have a G4 mini with Tiger on it. I now have a spare license for leopard so want to upgrade it.
    The internal DVD drive appears to be hosed, it spits out the leopard disc and any other DVD/disc I put in there.
    Purely out of chance I decided to plug the HD-DVD drive from my xbox into the mini, and to be honest, I was surprised when the leopard disc appeared in the finder, no fiddling, no drivers, no downloads. It just worked :)
    until I tried to boot off it, it appears to be non boot-able, despite being recognised by the OS.
    So, how can I get leopard on this mini? Things I have at my disposal that may be useful

    1 alu MBP, firewire 800 port
    1 whitebook, fw 400 port
    external hd-dvd drive
    fw 400 cable
    80gb fw 400/usb external hdd.

    what are my options? can i boot off the dvd over the network from another mac like the air presumably has to? make a bootable image on the fw drive? target disc mode with the disc in on the whitebook?
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    I would get a external hard drive enclosure (about 20$ from Newegg) and hook your iMac's HD to one of your Macs and install Leopard on that drive.
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