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Booting for Tiger

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by shreddog, Feb 3, 2008.

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    I'm not a technical person so please excuse if this is an elementary question. My MBA is on it's way from Anchorage (can't wait) and I want to be ready for it when it arrives.

    I currently connect to my work LAN through Cisco VPN. My IT group tells me that the Cisco VPN and/or the remote desktop software that I currently use is not compatible with Leopard. Can the MBA be bootable in either Leopard or Tiger?

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    Will not work

    As far as I am aware it will not work for MBA. You wont have any of the feature your need for the systems. No multi-touch, no Remote Disk, ect. You may be able to do it with VMWare but I wound not know where to begin.
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    I doubt you'll be able to get Tiger on an MBA for the same reason you can't on SR MBs: the graphics card has no Tiger drivers. In general, you can't run an OS older than the OS the laptop shipped with.
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    It won't be possible. X3100 drivers not available.
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    OK thanks. I guess I have to get XP or Vista and use Bootcamp or Parallels.

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    I use the Cisco IPsec VPN client on my MBP, running Leopard, with no problems. Your IT group is not in the know. :)

    Edit: FYI, the version I'm sing is 4.9.01 (build 0080).
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    Really? ok, that's encouraging. Can't wait to try it out.

    It doesn't surprise me that my crack IT squad didn't know this.


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