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Bored with Tropico on my G3 iBook -- What Should I Get?

Discussion in 'Games' started by pimentoLoaf, Sep 9, 2002.

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    And please! Nothing that involves swift eye-hand coordination. I bought Tropico, okay?
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    thats a fun lil gaem but yes it can get boring after you have played for a couple days. since you like tropico do you want another simulation type game? The Sims is a great game and it has several expansion packs (living large, house party, hot date) so it will take longer to get bored.
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    The sims is a great game but it is HIGHLY addictive! It may eat up your life, getting that perfect character is worth it though!

    You might like Escape velocity, it takes a little skill but it is a great game and its free!(to a point)

    I have heard Black and White is good but I don't know the system reqs.
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    I must warn you that escape velocity is also addictive. But fun :D. I havnt played it in a while. I want to add in that WCIII is really cool. I cant say that you will do really well without good hand eye coordination, but you might givwe it a shot.
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    Mr. Anderson

    i like civIII - escape velocity is fun - but takes a while - I never got into ev-Nova - I think I bought #2, but don't remember what that was.

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    A PowerBook on which to play something else. :)
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    Thanx. Went 'round different places and settled on Civilization III .

    My other choice was the new Links golf from Microsloth.
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    the sims is way too addictive :p

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