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Discussion in 'Wasteland' started by Wildcat, May 11, 2002.

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    Ok I am bored out of my mind. Anyone got any good ideas at time wasting? Preferably free ideas:)
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    fill out the community forums section and make it bigger than general discussions and hardware rumors

    the dozen or so people floating around 800+ posts will definitely fill this new section up pronto
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    Obtain a copy of UT or some other game that you enjoy and fill up hours and hours with good, clean, bloody fun. :D

    I love the smell of burning gibs in the morning, it smells like victory. :D
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    get butt naked and prance around like a fairy outside a large public area until you get dragged out. or run around with scissors or something...i dont know.
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    i would give everybody something to do if i got some pix of dykes on bikes...oh well...he he

    i did see a cool three wheeler motorcycle but they were just tourists

    some gang banger bikers i saw at the grocery store had never heard of dykes on bikes and these dudes hated the very idea of any female on a bike...young chicks riding behind them on the backseat while wifey's not watching is what they seemed to want though

    the biker community is really diverse

    i saw some laguna seca rocket bikers all around this weeked, too and they used to urinate in the pool of the hotel they stayed in when i worked front desk...yuck:mad:
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    go to a PC store and see how many times win XP crashes will you are there
    or boot in 9 and open simple text and type windows sucks as many times as you like then press play
    or .........:p
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    Jumping into random IRC channel and pissing people off is always good fun. #sex is one of my favourites! ;)

    Or start a thread at some PC site about how good Macs are... that always pisses people off no end.
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    don't give if you can't take it....

    just hope that no PC users find out about our little Mac haven here. although i'm sure that they'd be taken care of.

    and Wildcat, your user name makes you sound like a pretty wild person, maybe you should change your name. you can keep it if you tell us some really wild thing you've done to combat you're boredom.:)
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    now that is defintely interesting...a bit scary nonetheless...but interesting...ha ha ha... :D

    I'll just go back to work tomorrow...u guys will see more of me there....as I've been keepin myself occupied most of this weekend... ;)

    but what I did was: take some photos, workout a couple times, visit a few friends, dinner with a friend, lunch with a friend, attempted to fix a friend's TiBook (just what the hell are some people doing with their systems?!), got a bit drunk...hmm...what else?! ;)
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    Mr. Anderson

    Build a space ship and fly to the edge of space, just like RocketGuy

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    Ooh, that sounds fun. Anyone want to build a rocket with me?
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    hey Wildcat!

    you still haven't reported back to tell us how you killed your boredom. i'm waiting...:)
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    I know! Start making random polls about nothing until Arn turns off the poll option! Oh wait, someone already did that.:D
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    Sun Baked

    I know, start dragging up long dead threads ...

    Oh wait, someone already did that. ;)
  15. Moderator emeritus

    Mr. Anderson

    Start closing random threads that should have been dead along time ago

    Oh wait.......

  16. Moderator emeritus


    he he...touché duke :D
  17. Moderator emeritus

    Mr. Anderson

    ha, taking advantage of your mod status to post to a closed thread? now why would you do that? ;)

    going to the wasteland....

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