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Discussion in 'Community' started by eyelikeart, Jun 3, 2002.

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    ok I apologize in advance for creating this pointless thread...

    but things have slowed down considerably here at work and the threads are equally as slow...

    anyone else having a slow/down day?!

    I cannot wait to leave here at 5...I'll be going for a long ride after work...:D
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    Mr. Anderson

    Very slow, and very uneventful, except for the earlier thread closing....:D

    Its gorgeous here and I'm leaving soon to go for a nice run at home. Then a little bbq tonight for dinner.
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    he he he...yeah...tell me about it...did u ever come to a resolution from the PMing u were doing?

    I'm jealous by the way...first how I wish I had a knee replacement or some kind of magical spell cast upon me so I could run again...but that's where the bike came into play...

    what's on the menu for tonite?
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    Well...I'm just sittin, chillin at home watchin the Queens Golden Jubliee concert (very good btw), whilst surfin macrumors.com, what could be better :)
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    i'm sitting around as usual. gotta start cleaning up my room.... remember when i was saying i need to clean my room like 2 weeks ago? yeah, well.....
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    I'm pretty bored to. Not much new on the rumor front, and I am mostly posting in older posts. Yawn, we need something to get us going!
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    and i thought it was just me....

    "boring, boring, boring, boring"*

    guess i'll go to the gym.


    *chorus from " nothing ever happens on mars"
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    I think apple pretty much stumped most of the rumours flying around by releasing so many updates/new products in such a short period of time. Everyone seems to be recovering, not sure what to talk about now that it seems apparent that more updates won't be coming for a while....

    You know apple are doing well, when the rumours sites aren't that busy :D
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    on a "different" note...

    I was searching the net for some websites selling accessories for my Matrix...and came across this one...www.matrixmodz.com...

    interesting to see another website who's forums use the same format as here at macrumors...

    makes me feel at home...he he he:D
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    Mr. Anderson

    No resolution, just the same crap, never heard back after the final one. I went running about 2 miles with the dog, down to Jones point where she chased swallows for about 10 minutes and then ran home. Good little run, we're in training for the 1 mile dog race in sept. Figure if we keep at it we'll get under 5 minutes, which would be awesome. We did it in 6:08 last year and I hadn't been running much before that, coming off an injury.

    Doing a little chicken breast on the bbq tonight and working on my iPhoto updates for the web - wedding pics.
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    Aye, tis been a slow day on the rumor front. I returned to work after having my week off and came back to a few issues that need resolution. One powerbook G3 (Pismo) is going to Apple tomorrow, a peecee needs to be personalized for a new user but that person doesn't have either an NT or exchange account yet :rolleyes: .

    As for tonight... Grillin time :D. I have some rib-eye steaks that could be cooked... or maybe I will just make some taco's tonight and have beef tomorrow... decisions decisions decisions... :D
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    me neither...the emails just stopped...he must have had something else to do...oh well...:rolleyes:

    but that is one hell of a time...under 5 mins...6 mins is still great with an injury...damn I miss running!!
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    Mr. Anderson

    The winning time last year was 4:50, if I can manage that, whoo hoo, never won a race before. But hell, if I come in the top 3 that would be fine too. I'll see how things go, I might run in the men's open, which is 20 min earlier, that winning time was just 4:47 last year. I'm confident I'll be able to get close to 5, I'm going to push myself to get under it.

    On the first half mile of the last race we were at 2:40 - I couldn't beleive it, that would have put us at 5:20, but I thought we were going too fast (never having run just a mile before and not knowing how to pace myself), I slowed down. I shouldn't have, the last 200 yards I was sprinting and passed 3 runners, could have had a fourth but didn't want to crowd the finishline, especially running with the dog, whom I was almost pulling at that point.

    So we'll see, I've got about 3 1/2 months, should be able to do if I keep at it.
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    You guys slay me! hahaha! Things are kinda boring around here, too (work wise) and, yes, nothing of note on the rumor side of things, either. bah!

    At least there's a little company picnic that I got invited to at 5:00...the place I used to work at part time, the Fleet Theater in Balboa Park. (first Omnimax dome theater in the world!) Free food on the barbi down by the water...maybe THAT'll wake me up.:rolleyes:
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    Well, you're right things are getting boring. Only one thing to do! Doctor some macs in Photoshop and start wild rumours to get discussion going.
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    what??????? you miss running? that is one thing i will never say. running to run.... blah!

    duke: i hear you about winning the race.... on a different level... i played in a golf tourney with my dad and two of his coworkers this past thursday.... i won't bore you with the details, but we lost by just 1 shot! and my dad and one of the other guys is not good... so it was me and this other guy and we nearly won.... i've never come that close. it would've been nice. then again, i think i'll live.
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    very impressive...I can just picture it...someone hauling @ss with his dog lagging behind...he he he...:D

    I got in an intense ride today...haven't gotten into hardcore offroad style biking yet...but I did have about a 7 miles....4 of it against the wind (ugh :eek:...I'm still working on getting my stamina back up...mostly since it had been so long since I was on the bike...

    when I really get back into the groove I'll be doing some nice 20 mile rides...:D
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    Mr. Anderson

    Every once in a while I'll ride to work, 11 miles one way into DC, and its mostly along the Potomac River. Well, when the wind is blowing down the river its a killer. But on the return trip you fly. There have been the occassional days where the wind changes mid day and you have to go up wind both ways, ugggh!
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    that's how it is everyday in nyc. no matter which way you're going, the wind is against you... and in the shade it's cold and windy, in the sun it's hot as hell....
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    Mr. Anderson

    But at least you're not going 22 miles in it. That makes a huge difference.
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    true. gotta do it everyday though. and i have to. not really a choice.

    on another note, you posted in the apology to alemon thread and it's closed... so don't expect rower to respond, or any other french speakers....
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    Mr. Anderson

    Yeah, I was wondering about that. What the hell happened there? Who closed it? I didn't notice until I got out and back into the forum. Oh well.
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    not being a moderator i don't know.

    don't you powerful folks have ways of knowing when and how it was closed?

    it was off topic, but still. people were still conversing....
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    Mr. Anderson

    Someone must have taken offense at something, I don't know who closed it down, sorry. But as moderator, I can still post to closed threads. I don't know if it was closed when I went in and read Rower's post, but he posted today, so it must have happened recently.
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    yeah, i was expecting to reply to him about the french thing (i took it too) and then i got rejected.

    maybe one of the other mods hates the frenchies.... crazy frogs.

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