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Bought 128GB, did I make a good decision?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by rockyroad55, Mar 21, 2012.

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    I chose a 128GB 13" for myself. I have less than 5GB of music, minimal photos, documents are all on Dropbox, and my main app is the Office suite. I decided to get a 128GB and buy a 500GB G-Drive Slim for my video and photos.

    Is this a good combo? 256GB seemed overkill after my evaluation of space usage.
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    You can always use external drives if your storage needs change.
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    From what you do, I'd say you will be fine....My MBA 13" is a great machine, but even with 256GB I can't really trust it in the studio...just can't be looking over my shoulder at space. So, my MBP does the studio lift, and the final work is done on my iMac...

    I love the Air, and boy did it get a lot of use whilst I was waiting for my new iPad..It's just not big enough in capacity to use at work.
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    Yup, I download a crapload of movies and was going to use the external for that.

    But, having the 256 gives peace of mind, you know? Then again, for my needs, 128GB seems like enough peace.
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    If you are planning on doing video work on it you really do want that 256GB if you can run to it.
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    If you download them to watch (rather than edit), then putting them on the external is totally fine.

    You just have to do a personal cost-benefit analysis, and it seems to me like you don't need the space. Unless you do some intense things (like video editing) that forces you to keep large files on your main hard drive, you should be fine.

    Congrats on the new mac!
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    Not editing, just watching. 1 TV season = 18 hour movie yay!
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    128gb learns you to safe only what you really need. I just have to think about how much bullshi! I save over time on my Mac Pro with 1TB.
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    I got the 128GB but then I realized that I actually have quite a bit of pictures... sadface.
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    Got the 128 myself, forced me to clean up and archive a couple of years worth of crap - which is good. I've got close to 40 gigs free now, which is fine, as I've got an external 320gb G-Tech drive just in case.
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    I use my MBA for similar things and do just fine with 128Gb - if I wanted all my files on the laptop (movies, TV shows etc.) 256Gb wouldn't be enough space anyway, so the external storage is a great option.

    Also I would recommend iTunes Match, which means that your music is stored in the cloud - for me this means I only need to keep a small collection of music files on the actual machine without sacrificing access to the rest.
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    Don't forget you can keep your iTunes library or other stuff on a SD card.
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    Totally agree!

    There is a big difference in price between the 128GB & the 250GB.

    £250 is quite a lot.

    Has anyone installed duel operating systems using the 128GB?

    I only need a couple of programs installed for Windows 7, hopefully there will be enough room if I install it with Virtual Box
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    128GB is completely impossible for me personally to live with.

    I am trying to clean up my 2010 Macbook to get it down to 200GB of data. I got it down last night from 305GB to 258GB.

    I plan on migrating it over to a Macbook Air, which I want to buy within the next 2 months.

    Applications I have is Creative Suite CS 5.5 Master Collection, Office 2011, Virtualbox. Camtasia with about 10 lectures recorded. I also have a 50GB iTunes library.

    I am having a hard time now shrinking it down the last 50GB. I can't find anything that has considerable space wasted.
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    I only used 20GB and that's all I need haha. I expect my iTunes stuff to take up a WHOLE 3GB when I load it later.
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    This may help: How to split a single iTunes library over two or more media locations

    Also, if you're not using them, you can delete Garageband loops. I'd look primarily at your user data, moving as much as possible to an external drive.
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    To be honest, Mac OSX doesn't really waste a lot of space. The 64GB model is perfectly fine, with external hdd's.

    I have the 128GB model and split it in half to put on windows so I have 64GB Mac and 64GB windows and I still have 20GB left on the Mac side and 33GB left on the Windows side!
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    Sounds like you'll be fine. I wouldn't worry.
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    I bought my GF a 128model I freaking out on how she would figure how to manage that little of space. Going to get her a case, superdrive, and a G-Drive slim.

    Wish there was a way to spilt up your itunes and iPhoto libraries with the most important stuff on the internal SSD and the rest of the crap on the g-drive.
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    128GB are enough!
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    A better decision would have been to ask this question before you bought it.
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    True, but that's what return policies are for.

    So far it's working for me and I'm fairly happy with my choice.
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    I bought the 11" Air with the 128GB solid state drive and 4GB of memory. I have 3 users setup, plus a partition for Windows 7 running under Parallels. I normally have two users logged in (1 personal and 1 for work), and have Windows 7 running, all simultaneously during the work day. It works fine for me and there is still about 50% of the drive space available. However I do not do any media on it, no movies or music. I'm still watching movies on the TV and listening to music on the Macintosh 2100 with a CD jukebox.

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