Bought 13" - Suffering Mild Buyer's Remorse.

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by NutsNGum, Jul 21, 2011.

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    Got a 13" today and I'm beginning to wish I'd bought an 11". There's an element of backlight unevenness in my lower left-hand corner which is a little annoying when using full screen Safari - though it's liveable with. I also noticed a scratch straight out of the box on the front, under the glowy Apple. Quite annoying.

    Anyone else in the same boat, for different reasons? Opposite opinions also welcome.

    Obviously no-one can tell me what's best for me to do, but I wanted to gauge opinion before making a rash return decision.

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    Is it silent running basic tasks,?

    How is the fan noise playing 720p YouTube?

    The silence of the 11 last year was nice compared to the 13,
    So wondering how this years 13 sounds?
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    Wait, you want the 11" because of the imperfections found or it's the one you actually want? I don't understand. Surely you can exchange it for another 13" if it bothers you. With that said, the 11" MBA is just not for me. The screen size just feels too cramped to work with. I can also imagine the neck strains over time, as if it isn't already bad for me. Each to their own though.
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    I've owned both the 11" and 13" for several months. I like the look of the 11" more but the 13" is way more comfortable for longer work. I think many people under estimate this.
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    I switched from the 13" to the 11" last year and haven't looked back. It's even better now since the processor differential is smaller (and non-existent with the Core i7 option). The 11" is more portable if you travel a lot, and technically you can leave it in your bag through security (though don't be surprised if some TSA agent makes you take it out).
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    tom vilsack

    uneven backlight/scratch...take it payed good $$$
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    Not been noticeable to me, man. I tried Big Buck Bunny in 1080p and it was running close to silent.

    You're right Ann I don't think I made that particularly clear, the imperfections have acted as more a compounding factor in the decision. I'm still not sure, but as PhilFlow mentioned, I've been considering the issue of being able to do actual work on the 11" for any length of time, such as Xcode or Coda work. I don't know whether I'm more attracted by the concept of the 11". Thing is, I already have an iMac for the big stuff so I'm not sure whether a trade down would be as much of an issue.
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    Seems to be a bit of both.

    Nuts firstly I'd definitely return it if I were you. You're paying a lot of money and I shouldn't have to live with imperfections. As to whether 11" or 13", for me it boils down to your need for a greater battery and/or screen size. If you don't have a need for them, I'd go for 11". RAM, CPU and SSD are all nearly the same in the top spec.

    I believe the 11" outsold the 13" last time and certainly in my own experience, more people stuck with the 11" than the 13" (those who used both). You can't go wrong with either.
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    What do you do on yours KPOM? One thing that concerned me was the battery life on the 11, which seems to have dropped again since the last iteration, although I'm sure this in some part due to the reinstatement of the backlit keyboard.
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    And have to say, you gave me a chuckle officially medicalising Buyer's Remorse by categorising it as "mild" lol, hope no moderate-severe cases here! :D
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    I've been debating too...and we talked about this earlier...GET THE 11"

    You'll get rid of the scratch, uneven light, AND get some $ back.

    It's a win win.

    I notice these forums change my mind more and more by putting "different or bad" thoughts in my head about what I'm going to get.

    And the 11" is sexy.

    Go 11"

    (But don't let me change your mind like everyone changes mine :p)
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    Mostly browsing, e-mail, and videos, with some Office 2011 work. It's great on an airplane when I need to do some reading or document editing, or even just watch a video. I do use Windows 7 in Parallels occasionally (mostly for Quicken). Battery life could be better, though I usually managed 3.5 hours on the Rev D, which is about what I got on my 2008 Rev B. My Rev E is still in the box so I won't know for a few days. That said, I expect to keep this one for quite a while. The Rev B lasted me 2 years and could have lasted me until now if I wanted it to. I want this want to go for 3 years before I move on.
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    I would go with the 11", especially since you're rocking an iMac at home. The whole idea of the Air for people like you with a workhorse at home (and me hopefully once I can get my hands on a refreshed Mini) is to have the Air for those times on the go. How often will you realistically find yourself outside of the occasional vacation or trip to Starbucks using the Air for serious work for hours on end? Won't your iMac always be somewhat accessible and available for you to take a break from the smaller screen of the Air?
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    John, you crazy!

    The 11 inch is a beauty, but I ain't buying a computer for it to look nice! I gots ta be able to do work on it.

    The last thing I'd want to do is take it back for an 11" and then realise I'd made a mistake doing that. I wouldn't be able to show my face in the Apple Store again!
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    I'm not buying for the's just "another" reason lol.

    I have an iMac at home (as do you) so we're using this for on the go.
    Yeah the 11" battery of 4.75 hours scared me...but worse case scenario I'll bring the charger (which I doubt I'll actually need, but it's better to be safe than sorry.)

    I just remember you saying you were leaning towards 11...then you somehow changed. the one you have.

    You just spent over a grand on something that didn't come perfect...I think you should go 11" like me, and we'll be even better friends lol....but if you exchange for another 13" you'll be fine too.

    BOOM! Now go! :D
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    Whatever you do, wait a little while. You have (14?) days, or something like that, to return it.

    You need to give it a least a couple days, to gain perspective, otherwise your making a hasty decision. Don't you think?
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    I debated both today.... was lucky enough to get an i7 13" today at the local store....

    in the end there was one thing that changed my mind :

    battery life.

    (many people here keep going over the aesthetics... but overlook this...) it cant be overstated enough. ... hope this helps you or others with their decision.
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    It was a self-debate I had as well, but after using both there's no way I could ever justify spending 1000 bucks on a screen that's barely useable. If you're going to constantly be connecting the 11 to an external monitor, go for it. Personally I could never work on something as small as the 11. Especially not at that crazy price.
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    Honestly for me I go with the 13". Perfect size. I had buyer's remorse when I bought the 2010 11" and ended up swapping.
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    You definitely made the right choice with the 13, much more comfortable to work on, and even for just media use the 11 might be a bit too small? [​IMG]
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    its very usable in your lap you can even hold it and read in bed. Its so light. Depends your needs. Also heard 13" has some angle problems.
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    I was also curious as to how hot it would get after watching a 5 minute youtube video or having a Skype Video call. Those 2 things are what Apple Macbooks usually don't like.
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    MBA: Glassy glossy or coated glossy?

    I haven't seen the new MBA, so, I'm wondering, since matte "antiglare" is not available, is the "glossy" the glassy glossy, or, the coated, slightly dull glossy sometimes used that is not so bad? I'm wondering because the new MBA sounds like it would be a perfect gift, but, shiny glassy is a non-starter.
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    That's why I'm going (in 10 minutes when I get off work!) 11"
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    I would return it for a new one, thats BS

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