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Bought 28 songs, but says I only downloaded 12?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by G5Unit, Oct 7, 2007.

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    I have 30 free songs on iTunes. I recently downloaded 28 songs onto my iPod Touch from the WIFI Store. When I sync the computer back up it says I still have a credit for 18 songs? I'm hoping it didn't charge the other 16 songs to my dad's credit card? I'm scared.
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    Try signing out and back into your iTS account. Click the Store menu (in iTunes), and select Sign Out. Repeat, but select Sign In. Your credits display should update.
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    Stills says 18:confused:
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    Email iTunes support and they can inform you of your free song balance.

    Good luck!
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    Ok. Will do thanks.
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    Yeah I've had the same issues, I think there's an issue with the iTunes balance refresh it sometimes takes AGES to update your balance. Still email the iTunes support they will sort everything out for you.
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    Go into iTunes on your computer. Select Store -> View My Account and log in. Click Purchase History. It'll show what you paid for and what you got free. Click Done when you are done browsing your purchases.

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