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Bought an eMac

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by kammron, Feb 20, 2006.

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    bought this today instead of a G3 iBook
    good deal or not?
    i think its pretty good.:)

    buying a new iBook so need sell
    only 18 months old
    like new and in perfect working condition
    tilt and swivel stand<---- $60 new:eek:
    OS 10.3.9
    1.25MHz PowerPC G4,
    512MB RAM,
    80GB Hard drive,
    Combo Drive CD-RW/DVD-ROM,
    Internal Modem,
    AppleCare Protection included

    $470 Canadian + shipping($50)
    $410 US + shipping($43)

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    I think it's a pretty good deal. Time to update your sig! ;)
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    hahaha for sure:p
    we had 5 days off from school and my goal was to buy a new mac.
    didnt start out like that but a good hour on ebay made it that way.:eek:
    eMacs seem cool.
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    I like eMacs. We have them at school, and I was still pretty productive using them. They get hot and heat a room up REALLY quickly though. They also support some pretty high screen resolutions too!!
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    now you like them even more :eek:

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    And the best thing is they will take 2 gig of ram. So when you can afford more ram get a 1 gig stick rather than another 512
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    i thought they only had one slot but i guess they o have two.

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    Congratulations on your purchase? It really is a fine machine.

    I have the superdrive version with 1.25 G4 and 1GB RAM (I believe that is maxed-out). I bought it new in August, 2004 - my first Mac. I don't notice any excessive fan noise or heat.

    It's perfect for my purposes - iTunes, web, photos and some occassional video editing. One thing i'd suggest is getting an external FW hard drive if you'll be doing any editing. Oh, and some decent external speakers.

    I must admit that i've been drooling over an Intel iMac, but i'm quite certain that my eMac will serve me well for at least another year.

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    Spanky Deluxe

    I got an eMac 1Ghz Logic board last week. Its the Edu model so has the 9200 graphics card and is in fact a downclocked 1.25 model. I hooked it up to an ATX psu that I took the fans out of, a DVD drive, a 120GB HDD and threw in a gig of ram and I haven't stopped using it since I got it. Its been on 24x7 without any fans on and hasn't been getting that hot at all.
    I need to put it into a case of some sort and get round to clocking it up to 1.25 or 1.5 but that would mean stopping to use it for a while!!
    My AMD X2 SLI pc has barely been on since I got the eMac. Its soooo much quieter and sooo much nicer to use for internet browsing etc. I'm really loving the grapher app too.
    I got the logic board for £61 shipped($106), the rest of the stuff I had lying around the house. Cheapest G4 ever??

    I'm absolutely loving it and its more than powerful enough for my needs. In fact its made me realise how little I need more power and that a decently programmed OS is more important than processor speed.
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    I think that is a nice purchase, and a good deal. I had an eMac for a year and a half and really liked it. The screen is a good size, and looks very sharp. I got one when they first came out to consumers and the only thing was the fan was a bit loud, hopefully they have toned it down a bit. Enjoy your eMac!
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    woah they do have two slots I thought they maxed out at a gig. Did the last model apple sold to the public have the same number of ram slots?
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    ive seen pictures of them with bothe 1 solt & with 2 slots.
    maybe the first eMacs (700/800 MHz) had one
    then on they had 2.
    external speakers arent a problem...
    this things hooking up to the home theatre,
    so iTunes will really be bumpin.:eek:

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