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Bought an ibook :)

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by kammron, Sep 17, 2006.

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    i got tis for my sister.
    shes paying im not that rich..
    but tell me what you think:

    14" iBook 1.2 GHz 60GB 1.25GBRAM SuperDrive AirPort Extreme

    $650.00 CAD
    ($580.00 USD)

    i think its one hell of a deal.:D
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    Yah it's a pretty good deal and a fine machine.
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    That's pretty good but you could have gotten one on eBay for about half the price, but I'm never too sure if those are good computers on eBay.
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    There is NO WAY you can get that ibook on ebay for half the price...that's $240...not a chance.

    I think you paid a reasonable price...and very nice computer.

    Enjoy it!
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    That's a pretty good deal, for a really nice lookin' computer. Congratulations, hope you enjoy it!
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    Great deal hope your happy with it
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    Thats a great deal. Back in January I sold my 12"/40GB/Combo Drive/Tiger/1.5GB iBook for $940 on eBay. (More then I paid for it new.)

    I think thats a damn good deal.
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    hahaha a 250$ 14" ibook thats flawless....
    i dont know about that.
    but i searched for quite a while and when i found this one was still for sale i jumped on it.
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    Why? That's not going to do you any good. Jumping on a perfectly good iBook? I guess a durability test would be a good idea...
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    Ohh I was looking at them a little while ago.

    I'm thinking of a used mac till leopard comes... and thank you for the site!

    I'm going to browse right now.
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    Nice deal kammron, I hope your sister enjoys her new iBook G4. :)
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    well i wanted to try.
    its cheaper than a trampoline, and you dont get back problems.
    plus who can say theyve ever jumped on an ibook before.
    i know i can.:)
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    It will be all fun and games until a piece of the LCD cracks off and impales your foot. ;) :D :)
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    pfttt i can live with one foot.
    ill just use crutches.
    but a tramploline just screams long term pain to me.
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    From bungie jumping to refurb jumping it's all good! :cool:
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    Well, okay then, go jump on an iBook. :p ;) :D :)

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