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Bought/building a New House!

Discussion in 'Community' started by amnesiac1984, Apr 23, 2003.

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    We're currently building our dream home, well my folks are anyway, good thing is its my dream home too! Check out the latest progress here.

    BTW I'm having trouble uploading pics to idisk without them going corrupt.

    Its a newfangled sort of kit home thingy, my dad designed and a canadian company called Viceroy Homes built the parts and shipped em over, by parts I mean the wooden wall sections. Its gonna be clad in a very clever kind of fake wood thats made of something like fibre glass and cement and lasts forever. I will try to get more pics of the view inside as its pretty impressive, hopefully the attic will become my studio as there is a huge floor space but low ceilings and an amazing view, what d'ya think?

    I'll post more as it gets looking better.
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    i've heard of stuff like this-- supposedly the house will be stronger because it was 'built' indoors and not exposed to the elements like regular construction is...

    is your dad an architect? or just good at design?

    that's very cool all around :) how are the costs, as opposed to a 'normal' house?

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    So not fair..... I'd love to be able to design and build my own house.... :(
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    wow... Nice house. I wish I had a place like that with a wonderful view...
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    Mr. Anderson

    That's quite nice - and the siding you're talking about is great stuff, we're putting it on our addition when its built later this year.

    So what body of water are you looking out over?

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    The house is looking great. I can't wait to see more pictures, especially the siding. I wouldn't mind changing mine, but that's not going to happen for a while.
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    I already know what my 'house' is gunna be when I get older,
    and richer, etc. I am going to have a Japanese style mantion,
    with rice-paper walls and reed covered floors. Which will be
    bulletproof, because.... because..... It would just be cool. :D
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    Anyone have a link to the siding material you're talking about? We have a new home (3 years) and it already need to be painted. We've talked about vinyl siding, but I don't like that. Thanks
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    looks like a great headquarters for the PPPoE. very nice indeed
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    Mr. Anderson

    That's going to be some interesting bulletproof rice-paper......;)

    So how to you plan on getting the money for this mansion?

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    His kung-fu movies, of course...

    That'd be some pretty wacky rice paper...
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    Is there not alot of new homes built in England? I know that where I live it isn't that unrealistic for me to plan on building my own home at some point in my life. The cost is comparable to buying an exsisting home. For my Parents it was cheaper to build since we moved to the city where I currently live during a boom, and exsisting homes were priced much higher than building your own home.

    <Man, if my old english teachers saw that last sentence, she would think she was a failure. ;))
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    i LOVE japanese architecture. there old old wood houses with the clay tiles on the roof...the swooping roofs and the porches. and all the lttle bridges going from building to building. its so great. maybe i'll post a big of some of my favorites....
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    That is a nice house. Someday, I need to give up this low salary teaching profession and get a decent job so I can build something like that! I hate the thought of being in a little rented house the rest of my life. You will have to let us see pictures when you get it done.

    To all the younger people:

    If you want things like this house...don't be a teacher!
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    so i tryed to attach one of the pics but it said it was too big...how do i get it smaller without loosing the quality?

    and is anyone interested? otherwise i'll forget about it
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    There are new homes built in England but they usually start out really expensive in the South of the country. Around $300K is about what they start at. I have a small,120 year old, two floor terraced house (about 600 square foot floor area) and it would sell for $280K and that's quite a cheap house where I live. Building a house is not that expensive but land can cost about $50 a square foot - nearer $100 in London
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    what's the filetype... either resize it to a smaller res... or just use the export from preview.... choose jpg. and in options set the target size to like 95k... should work.
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    Yeah, land is cheap here. I am trying to find a price, but I am sure that it is way cheaper than that!
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    Costwise, we bought it with a house on this site, 1930's detatched home for around £180,000, we were going to extend it to make it our dream home, the main thing about it is the position,. Turns out you pay sales tax on extensions but not on new builds. SO its CHEAPER to start from scratch. I think its roughly £80,000 - £100,000 build costs but not sure. Our old house that I grew up in was about 15 miles away in the countryside and we sold it for about 350,000 or something as it was huge and house prices went way up recently here.

    My dad is a qualified engineer and yacht designer so designing his dream hosue wasn't too hard for him. We had an architectural consultant helping us get planning permisiion cos the authorities are real bastards round here.

    That body of water is the busiest shipping area in the world, thats looking West south west as the hosue look directly west. If you look out the norh side you can see Southamptom. The water is the Solent and the land on the left is the Isle of Wight and on the right is the south coast of england.

    If anyone knows the area, its in Gurnard just round the coast from Cowes, centre for world Yachting, house prices have rocketed literally over the last few years, and if this wasn't the house that my folks are gonna retire in it would be worth silly money, your talking probably anything up to half a million pounds, just due to the desireable location. its unlikely it will ever be sold unless the unforseeable happens or until it, maybe, belongs to me and my brothers (two of em).

    edit: the canadian builders are basically a father son thing and they are far more efficient than any traditional british bricky, they are shocked at how lame-ass the building industry is in this country. Nothing arrives on time from suppliers and builders lay aroun dall day drinking tea.
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    It's totally insane the house prices in the UK at the moment.... and the mortgages are even more insane, people borrowing way beyond their means.... and when the inevitable recession kicks in what with people owing boatloads of cash on credit and store cards and having 4x mortgages.... then we should see some good repossessions and auctions..... heh heh heh!!

    Luckily though the prices in London are falling, and as a general rule London sets the trend for the rest of the country....

    I'd still prefer to get my own land and self design and build though.... :(

    The majority of new houses being built in England just lack so much style.....
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    I was looking at land in Tomales Bay/Dillion Beach in Northern California for a self build....

    Fantastic locations with great views....

    Price wasn't bad either.... I just need to marry an American girl.... and a wealthy one at that heh heh!!
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    I agree, althought thats because most new hosues I've seen have been mass built developments of hosues that look identical, its disgusting, and oyu see people going, oooh isn't that nice. I think its down to a serious lack of taste of the general public in this country, why so many people buy PC's :p

    Although it doesn't look much from these pics its quite an interesting design, the front is a sort of strange angled massive bay window going way across the front, a huge deck will come out at floor level with a balcony on the first floor. THe massive gap that oyu can see the view out of will be a huge sliding door mechanism that will keep us toasty in winter and cool in summer, the whole ground floor is open plan except the bathroom and my dad's office.

    They've jsut started putting the cladding on, its a really nice dark gey/blue which looks real nice with the white trim on the roof. The house is real tall too so when you stand out on the velux windows you can see all over the other buildings to see a 360º view.
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    Heh heh.... you seen the Barretts Homes Ad's too then... :eek: :p :p
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    I've just bought a house in Ingleby Barwick near Middlesbrough. It's quite nice, 2 bedroom semi for £82000 on a nice new estate. Only one problem though!! They all look the same! Knowing my luck I'll come back from the pub a bit bollocksed and crawl into to bed with Mrs Singh from No. 7!!!!
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    Ain't that the truth, however that's if all the 10 year olds that live on these estates don't mug you first.... heh heh!! :p

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