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iPad Bought iPAD4 4G at BB Attempt to return for iPAD 3 4G Today!

Discussion in 'iPad' started by ct1211, Jan 1, 2013.

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    Well I have decided to go with a new iPAD once again after several months with a Nexus 7. You can't beat the latest Jelly Been interface (Keyboard, typing, voice search, Maps) but I just like the Apple App's at this point and I run a 15" rMBP so I want to keep the same family of products (Except for Droid MAXX HD - Wont give up interface and staggering battery life) Does anyone know if the iPAD 3 4G still being sold will still be IOS 5? I simply cannot use this thing without all of the great jailbreak features (That sliding cursor hack is a godsend for Apples tired old keyboard) I found an iPAD 3 4g ATT unit (I dont activate the service I just want want the built in GPS for navigation tethered to my phone) Best Buy still has a few and I found a few locally but understandable they are all AT&T versions - I will save about $80.00 over the comparable iPAD 4 but will lose that in resale because of the carrier. Another plus, I can use my extra charger and old Acc. Why am I writing all of this? Because I am wondering if anyone thinks the IOS 6 jailbreak will ever happen? Its not looking so good for them right now. I am a true Apple addict, giving up a $249 Nexus tablet with GPS and a better interface for a lot of hassle and work to try to emulate some of the newer tablet options on an iPAD. Has anyone recently bought a new iPAD 3? If so did it have IOS 5 or 6? Also looking for good case suggestions if anyone has any. Thanks
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    I highly doubt any are still running iOS 5, unless the unit has been on the shelf since before September which I also doubt.
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    IOS 6 - Back to IOS 5

    I just found a page on MacLife with instructions for downgrading to IOS 5 from 6, it does not work on the new iPhone or iPAD so I may go for this and see what happens. Everything I am reading from the usual jailbreak teams state an IOS 6 jailbreak looks bleak. I wish Apple would have just hire these guys to update their OS so that they can announce a new operating system with "200 improvements" that actually has 200 improvements! My guess is most of these improvements Apple would prefer to update when they release new products which is really not cool. My wife (who inherited my Google Nexus 7 thinks I need to go to AA (Apple Anonymous) and just go get another Nexus and save $500.00, they never understand! LOL

    Here is the link I found for the down grade.


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    The procedure in that link stopped working a few days after it was published, as Apple stopped verifying the iOS5 install.
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    I'm pretty sure all 3s ship with ios5, mine shipped directly from Apple last week with 5. :)
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    Interesting. I figured they'd be shipping with iOS 6, especially since they released it in September. I think they updated the box image to show iOS 6 on the home screen.


    Yeah. There is no public build of iOS 5 for the devices released after iOS 6.

    Not sure if there are exactly 200, but this list looks to be pretty close to that figure: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IOS_6#Version_history:_iOS
  7. ct1211, Jan 1, 2013
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    Most of the official 200 list is little unseen tweaks. If you've never had access to all that a jailbroken ipad offers there is a big difference.
    for instance being able to position the cursor anywhere by swiping the keyboard made typing a breeze.


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