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Bought Macbook Air but Getting Eyestrain

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by hbksabhi, Aug 29, 2013.

  1. hbksabhi, Aug 29, 2013
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    => hello guys ,
    i finally did it and brought my dream computer home . :)
    i am in so much love with machine but the discomfort to my eyes from the screen is really concerning me.

    i have a LG Panel LP133WP1-TJA7
    and downloaded a profile from osxdaily . made contrast better . i have no other problem with the display .
    i tried flux too but dont like the yellowness of screen and the screen looks uneven to me , like even looking at it straight i find the brightness uneven . but that doesn't bother me when flux is off during the day .

    i really love the machine and i was glad i didn't get retina because of my needs but this is a real concern for me . i would also like to mention there are no return policy in my Country and do some people feel strain from retina too ?
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    Go visit an eye doctor.
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    No return policy? What country is that? I'm curious.
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    that was very supportive of you


    INDIA as there is no apple store here , only authorised resellers
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    Oh wow. Very interesting. I learned something new today. Good luck.
  6. AXs
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    You're not the first person to feel strain from working with the Air. This is one of the first things I noticed when I got the Air. For late night in-bed usage - email, etc... I use my iPad Retina. It is MUCH easier on the eyes.
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    did you get used to it overtime ?
    i mean did it get a little comfortable
  8. AXs
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    It's fine now. But I can feel my eye focus level change drastically when I switch to my iPad (more relaxed).

    Check these threads out-

    What I notice helps reduce strain is that I make the window relatively smaller.
    It reduces the area of focus. It certainly helps, especially when working with white backgrounds in darker areas.

    But at the end of the day, It always been bad for the eyes to focus on electronic items in the dark. The pupil doesn't behave naturally due to conflicting lightwaves.

    I recommend using bed-light. :)
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    ok , i too have an ipad mini , but will contemplate switching to ipad 5 if form factor is good and keep macbook air for less work then but i think it will improve otherwise i will connect it to a external display if i need to work long hours
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    I had the same issue. After using it for more then 15 minutes I would get a killer headache. My eyes are fine, and I use screens all day and night big and small. I can use an iPad display for hours on end no problem.

    I had an LG panel as well. My hunch is that the backlight that caused headaches and eyestrain. I can see it flicker, but out of 5 people only one also said they saw it. Ended up returning it. Just going to wait for Retina / IPS on this machine.
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    cant see any flicker or any other issue with the display but now as suggested by a user here in above post the eye strain is less when not maximising windows with full white background like safari .
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    I usually get eyestrain when the backlight (brightness) is higher than the ambient lighting. I try to match it or keep it a little lower. YMMV.
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    The MBAs backlight is pretty powerful, so make sure you don't set it above 50% if you have sensitive eyes and you're using it indoors. Other than that, I have no idea what specifically could cause the eye strain. I've owned two MBA 13", one with LG screen and one with Samsung. Both were equally sharp and had no flicker (and I'm pretty sensitive to such things).
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    did you experience discomfort ?
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    Nope. Well, if I crank up the backlight in a dark room, I definitely experience discomfort. That has very little to do with the MBA, though.
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    You're welcome. It was a serious suggestion.
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    i am also thinking i should however its getting a little better each hour i use it :)
    but not as easy on the eyes as iPad mini ....
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    I would not recalibrate the screen. Apple invests lots of money into making sure the default is the best you can possibly get. Keep enjoying it for a while and you'll grow to love it. At first, the fonts were too small and fuzzy for me. Now all PC screens look like unimaginative pieces of crap compared to this.
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    A screen can look "unimaginative"? Anyways, no, the MacBook Air's screen certainly isn't the best it can be out of the box. I have hardware calibration (i1 Display Pro) and it makes a very big (positive) difference. When removing the screen profile after having used it for a few weeks, it looks like there's something wrong with it...
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    To the poster who suggested getting an eye exam, that actually is not a bad idea. I also had eyestrain viewing my MBA and then it magically went away after an eye exam and an increased prescription. Your problem may or may not be the same, but it's certainly something to consider.

    F.lux was OK for the first few days but just got annoying afterwards. I don't care if it helps - it looks horrible.
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    What computer were you using before?

    I also experienced eye strain coming from my 1280x800 MBP to the 1440x900 MBA. Everything is smaller and it takes your eyes a bit to adjust to reading this all the time.

    I don't really notice the PPI increase now but when I first got my MBA (the 2012 version in January) it was killing me.
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    Yes, Wretched Windows in particular has problems rendering big beautiful fonts. The DPI scaling is atrocious if you go above 100%. It feels like everything was setup in the days when 72 DPI and 12 point fonts roamed the planet. In all, unimaginative.
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    Who said there aren't any return policies in India?
    Authorized resellers are the ones to replace or repair your apple products for free if you are in warranty period.
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    no refund brother
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    Op seriously you need to get reading glasses. That is your problem

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