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Bought mine today... get it tomorrow

Discussion in 'Switch Stories' started by BodaciousBBQ, Jul 16, 2003.

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    I bought my 1st mac today -- the IBook 14", with 900 MHz, and 640K. I'm really looking forward to trying and using it. What 1st caught my attention was the iMovie program. I'm not going to be doing professional stuff -- just home movies basically.

    But I am having 2nd thoughts. I explained my need to the sales girl today and she said the iBook would be fine. But twice before I was in the store ( An Apple store all 3 times ), and those sales guys said I really should buy a PB if I want to use iMovie.

    I'm concerned about the learnig curve as it is, as I have owned 5 - 7 PCs in my life. The old "can't teach an old dog new tricks" thing I guess.

    I pick it up at the store tomorrow. Tell me, did I make a good choice? Oh, I know that eventually I want a DVD burner but for now I'll be ok with VCDs made on Toast.

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    i started off with a used ibook and decided rather quickly that i needed more power.
    i use final cut though and my 500mhz ibook wasnt cutting it.
    it might be a good idea that you went iwth the ibook though. i dont see why it wouldnt be enough for you and you saved yourself some money, which is especially good in the case that you dont like macs (though i dont think that is possible)
    youll love it when you get it.
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    It sounds as if you just want to do some low-grade home movie stuff, and for that reason I wouldn't worry too much about not having a G4. If you were doing a lot, and heavy stuff, then the G4 would be better due to Altivec. Also you have a slightly bigger screen than the 12" PowerBook, and the 900MHz processor is faster in some tasks.

    I suspect they were just trying to sell you a more expensive machine!

    Hope you have a great time with your new mac, any problems just post them here or the Apple support forums and someone will come to the rescue!


    edit: Just make sure you run Software Update and update to iMovie 3.0.3, it's much faster than 3.0 in many tasks, and adds a couple of new options (such as turning the Ken Burns feature off).
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    A 900 MHz iBook *should* be fine with iMovie. I've used iMovie 3 on my 500 MHz iMac, and it worked. It was slow (because I was 200 MHz below the recommended specs), but it worked. A G4 would handle it better, but a 900 MHz iBook should handle it fine. Your mileage may vary, though.

    I just happened to buy my iBook yesterday too! I don't have as much RAM (384 MB) and I have the 12" screen. Overall, it smokes my iMac and feels almost as fast as my bro-in-law's 2.2 GHz PC.
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    Re: Bought mine today... get it tomorrow

    Make Mini-DVDs (DVD files burnt onto a CD) because they are much higher quality than VCD. Also the 900Mhz ibook will be fine for iMovie, the only wait you will have is when you export the movie to something like VCD. The only advantage to getting a G4 PB but be the export times when using iMovie. iMovie is perfectly usable on my PB G4 550Mhz.

    Also about using Macs, just think of something you want to do and what would be the most logical way of doing it, then do it that way. It is most likely you will be correct. The thing is Apple does things in a logical way, while M$ copies Apple and changes it a bit so it is not totally copying, but in the process makes it worst and more complicated.
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    I'm not going to say anything new, but I want to reassure you that the iBook will be okay. I use a 700mhz iBook and a 1ghz PowerMac--I use iMovie quite a lot. I import a lot of things into the iBook, do some edits, and send the file too the PowerMac. Some of my projects are fairly large so the iBook may run out of drive space (mine is only 20GB) and rendering on the iBook would be painful on a large project. At worst it's just a time issue--if you had an hour-long movie you were exporting to Quicktime the iBook would do it, it just takes longer than on a faster computer. For home movies this should't be much of an issue. It's not as if you're a business and a 2 hour delay is going to mean you miss a deadline.
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    Well I picked mine up today and so far so good. At least I have been able to navigate around easily enough. Played a DVD just to check out the screen quality and it was nice.... real nice. But couldn't we get just a little more speaker volume??? Fully turned up the only place you could hear it would be in a quiet room. I guess there is a headphone jack, I haven't looked yet.

    Also I took advantage of the Final Cut Express deal for $99!!! The guy at the Apple store swears he runs it on a slower iBook than mine, so I guess I can run it on mine. I bought it even if I can't. At that price I can always sell it later ( probably for more than $99 as longs as Apple doesn't have a deal or lowered the price ). Maybe I'll like the mac way so much that I'll give up PCs.... probably not though, as I like my PC games.

    Anyway, so far I am happy.


    Chuck.... first day owning a mac.
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    Congrats! One little caveat to the FCX thing. Yes, it should work ok, but it will start stressing if you run too many concurrent tracks.

    And it'll tell you if it had to drop frames as a result.
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    Watch out for Final Cut Express on that iBook. I don't know how it performs, but I'm telling you taht it would be very wise to look into buying an external FireWire hard drive. Having a drive devoted only to video clips will speed things up quite a bit.

    Also, Final Cut is a beast compared to iMovie (iMovie has virtually no learning curve whereas Final Cut can seem overwhelming with the amount of features it has. If you have any questions about standard video stuff, just drop me an email at p-worm@p-worm.com. I'd be happy to help you get over that little hurdle.

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    Absolutely. I myself use this for editing on my 12"PB - fantastic, and portable.
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    I have an iBook 900Mhz and use iMovie a lot. It works absolutly great. I have no idea about final cut.

    The only thing that I would suggest is the 60GB harddrive. Hope you have that. Because movies need a lot of space.

    I have only the 40GB drive and that was a mistake.

    A second firewire drive is maybe possible - I have no idea - but the thing is that you want to use your firewire to get the movies on your harddrive. So if you already use the firewire you can't connect a drive to it. Correct ?

    But again - iMovie will work fine.


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    Actually the Mercury 60/16 I mentioned above has two FireWire ports. I plug the drive into the 12PB then the camera into the drive, and bingo, away we go.

    There is an advantage to using a separate drive for editing operations as there are no OS read-writes that occur during use. The less interruptions the armiture of the drive has to do during a video stream, the less it loads up it's cache, and the better performance across multiple tracks you will get.
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    thanks for the correction. That could be a solution for me as well.


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    Hello Patrick,

    I have to ask again, you mean that the external harddrive has two firewire ports and you connect your Camcorder to the external drive and the external drive to the iBook. Correct ?

    Can you tell iMovie to put the clips on the external drive ?

    And another question. The iBook has no DVD burner. Therefore iDVD does not work. But is it possible to connect a external DVD burner to the iBook via firewire and then iDVD works ?

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    That right! The computer doesn't care what sequence of connection your devices are in.

    Yep! When you are creating your project just save it to the external drive.

    Well, here is where it gets fuzzy. Historically iDVD only worked on internal Superdrives - ones on the ATA/IDE bus - thus requiring a purchase of DVD Studio Pro. But I've heard rumors that 3.0.1 can read/write to externals now. Can anyone confirm this?
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    Yes. No. Almost. iDVD will run, but it will not allow burns. Apple have even admitted it;


    So for CmdrLaForge's needs, it's not really applicable.

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    Just a tid-bit

    Forgot to say, if you want a DVD-burning iBook, have a look here (scroll down);


    iDVD compatibility unknown, but it comes with OS9 and OS X DVD software.

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    thanks for your replys.

    I already have my iBook so I will not purchase another one soon. I am waiting for a G5 12" powerbook. At the moment the iBook is just great.( Beside the DVD burning - but thats not a problem of the iBook)

    If I want to burn DVDs with it I have to purchase iDVD Studio Pro ? Correct ?

    In Germany thats $550 ! ! ! Much much much much to expensive ! ! ! I never can afford that ! Isn't there a cheaper solution ?


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