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Bought the iClear Case for iPod Touch!

Discussion in 'iPod touch Accessories' started by TheSpaz, Nov 4, 2007.

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    What an excellent product this is! It's stylish and sturdy. The iClear case fits the iPod exactly perfect with no movement at all. Also, the back has a dull plastic that makes the back of the iPod touch look almost exactly like the iPhone. It does make the iPod touch a tad bigger but, it still looks pretty good and it still offers protection.

    This thing also comes with a custom screen protector and a polishing cloth. Very nice case in my opinion. Anyone thinking about getting a hard case to protect their iPod, try this one out. It's very nice.

    I give it an overall 8 out of 10

    Pros: Sturdy, Screen Protector, Fits Snug, Allows access to all controls, doesn't make the iPod ugly.

    Cons: Doesn't come with a Dock adapter, the sleep/wake button is a little harder to press now. The case has a slight rough spot on top where it looks like the plastic mold came together.
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    post pics plz!
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    ...or it didn't happen, right? Just kidding. I just took some photos and I will post them in a minute. Thanks.
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    Okay, here are the pictures. Please note that the front plastic part is very very clear. You can see perfectly through it so you get a consistent black all the way across the front.

    Enjoy the pics. Here are the first 5

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    Here are a few more for ya.

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    Ordered one from bestbuy.com today, cant wait to i get it
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    This thing is neat! I may get one too!
    Thanks for posting!
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    This case looks great, but I'm not sure how thick it is from the pictures. TheSpaz, does it make the ipod touch significantly thicker/bigger? About how thick is the case? Also I've heard applying the screen protector can be tough. Was it hard for you to put it on without trapping dusts and whatnots underneath? Thanks in advance :).
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    Yes, unfortunatley it does make the iPod a lot thicker. Looks kinda like an iPhone now. The other thing is, trying to apply the screen protector was hard because I got some bubbles at first, so I peeled it back and dust started sticking to it like you said and when I tried to lay it down again, the dust particles got stuck underneath creating bubbles. I pretty much gave up on the screen protector and I use the case without it. The glass is pretty scratch resistant so, I don't think I'll need that plastic protector. I mean, I've gone this long without it and I still don't have any scratches, so I think I'll be fine.
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    Same here....I couldn't get the front screen on without getting bubbles, and when I tried to adjust it, some dust got underneath. So I gave up on that also. Overall I really like the feel and look of the case.
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    Does it seem strong enough that you wouldn't have to worry about dents/scratches if your ipod ever dropped on concrete and whatnot? I was planning on just getting a screen protector for my touch, but the sheer attractiveness of this case might just make spend a little bit more if it means I won't have to sacrifice design for protection.
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    yeah that sleep/wake button looks like a pain to use with that case , my D-lo silicone case makes it only slightly more annoying to get to.
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    you say it doent come with a dock adaptor....

    ...so i take it that the ipod doesn't fit into the dock at all with the iClear case on it???
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    Nope it doesn't fit in the iPod touch Dock adapter but, it does fit in the Dock without an adapter. Luckily I still had my 5G adapter that came with the Agent 18 plastic case which fits almost perfectly. I think this iClear case should have come with an adapter for the Dock... then it would have been just about perfect.
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    No, the adapter I have did not come with the 5G iPod. The adapter came with the 5G Agent 18 Plastic Case which was made to fit the 5G into the iPod Dock with the Agent 18 Case still attached. This adapter works well with the iClear case but, many people aren't going to be as lucky as me and they won't have one of these adapters lying around. It's too bad that Griffin doesn't give you an adapter for the Universal Dock. Hmmm.
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    Lookin' good. I got a DLO leather flip case. I'll post some pics once it gets here.
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    I should also mention that I got this at Best Buy yesterday. They only had 2 in stock and they weren't even hanging up... they were just sitting on the bottom of the shelf. My girlfriend pointed it out and a near by kid asked me where I got it so, I pointed down and he quickly snatched it up and said "Thanks!". That's when I decided to grip it a little tighter as I walked through the rest of the store.

    I wonder how this thing would hold up if I dropped it from my waste high. I wouldn't care if the case snapped, I'd rather buy a new case than a new iPod.

    Anyone want to drop theirs in this case to find out? Hehehehe.
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    Anyone able to tell me what the dimensions of the Iclear are so I have some idea of how big my Touch will be when I put it on??
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    wondering if a touch with BSE/IS can still fit in an iClear
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    It will feel almost exactly the same with the case on than without it. It's slightly thicker and wider... the only thing I don't like is that its a little harder to get to the sleep/wake button
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    You can pick these up at walmart too. I was browsing and saw them and was like oooohh. I did have the DLO jam jacket, which i think is crap. Other than the protector the DLO came with was brilliant. You peel one side off stick it on, run a credit card over it, then peel off the side facing up so your left with a perfectly clear screen protector. Granted I did trade my week 38 for a 43 so had a perfect virgin screen to put it on.

    the thickness is now .508" thick or 12.87mm. so it adds about 5mm which isn't all that bad. I agree it does look alot more iphoneish now. The length and width changes are very minimal 1-2mm around the edges.

    Overall a surprisingly good case like sad before very good fitting no noticable movement. I had been waiting on Iskin to get it in gear but unless iskins is just amazing, I might stick with this. And it was only $15. $5 cheaper than that crappy DLO jam jacket. The only complaint i have about it is its alittle slippery, not as much as with out a case, but not as sticky as silicone. Say like if you had it sitting on your pant leg or something like that. but other than that a great case. :D

    also it fits in the dock just fine with out any adapters in it. its not heavy enough to cause any stress on the connector.
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    Same experience with plastic film

    I got my case yesterday and love the way it fits together, but I was really frustrated with the plastic film that comes with it. I finally got it where the air bubbles are mostly around the edge where it is hard to see them. I may look into getting a different film for the front in the future. The plastic case is top notch though and I am psyched that I don't have to keep the ipod in a sock anymore. *L* The extra bulk is minimal is well worth it to have it protected.
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    Speaking of extra bulk, am I going to have to extricate my touch from the iclear everytime I want to dock it in my ihome? If so I may just stick with my current case.

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