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Boulder, CO

Discussion in 'Leopard Event Meetups' started by KrisZiel, Oct 18, 2007.

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    Anyone want to pick up Leopard at the 29th Street Apple Store on Friday (of course)?
    I should be there around 2:50-3:10. I'm going to have my MacBook Pro, but because I plan on installing Leopard at the store, and on the way home, I probably won't be using it to conserve battery.
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    I'll definitely be there!
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    I'll be there for sure!
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    I'll be there at 5:00.
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    I'll be there after work ~3:30

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    it's wierd there are no groups for the other apple stores in the metro area...was trying to scope out the line situation and got a pleasant surprise! Just trying to score a t-shirt, you know...

    I think I'll be there shortly after work - around 4:30 :)
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    Why get there so early? Isn't it going to be closed 5-6 and then open at 6 for the release? I was planning on being there, but at like 5:50 ... do I need to get there earlier for my shirt (even though I'm not planning on buying Leopard)?
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    wait, does Leopard come out at 6PM, or is it being released right as doors open for business Friday morning?? confused..
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    nvm.. just did the math and figured out 6pm is the release time
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    Take a look at the count down clock on apple.com. 6 PM.
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    depends on whether or not you buy a new computer :)

    I think in honor of Halloween we should all dress up as big cats - how cool would that be?


    Why get there early? The first 500 get t-shirts...wonder how many people will be waiting in line...
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    Okay, maybe I'll get there around 5:30 to find parking.

    I've never been to an OS launch before so I don't know what to expect. I was at their opening and it wasn't too crowded, so I didn't think I'd need to get there too early for this.
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    has anyone made it there yet? what's the scoop?
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    i am here

    i am here. I am first in line, along with my brother and friend. Sent from muh iPhone, even though my MacBook Pro is a few feet away.
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    MacUpdate will be there

    Two of us from MacUpdate.com will be there (Nate who runs mupromo.com and Joel who founded MacUpdate). Arriving around 5-5:30pm. We'll have a video camera so if you see us, come up and tell us what you think about the scene!
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    I had no idea macupdate.com was out of Colorado....

    I'm gonna grab some food after I leave from work here shortly. See y'all there.
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    I hope to see you here. I am in the very front with a Colodado jacket. We have about 20 people here.
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    I'll be there in 10. I'm wearing a black shirt with plasmids on it (circles of ATGUC letters).
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    guess I got here a little late, I'm all the way back on the steps. Only ten more minutes!
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    I was in and out in 13 minutes, leaving at 6:13. They had 2 shirts left. That's 500 nerds in 13 minutes!
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    i was in at 6:00(#1 BABY) and out at 6:04. I am done with the leopard install.
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    launch video

    Hey Joel, if you get that video up, will ya post the link here, please?
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    We all got it installed! Now how does it really work?

    I finally got OS 10.4 to share files with my Dell laptop on a wireless network yesterday. Now it doesn't work. Oh well, no matter how much they give us to read you still learn most by fiddling with everything.
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    Leopard release video in Boulder

    The Leopard launch night video for MacUpdate has been uploaded. Go view it at the http://blog.macupdate.com/index.htmlMacUpdate Blog.


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