Boxee on 2010 AppleTV?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by pfjellman, Nov 5, 2010.

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    I looked around and couldn't find anything about this, but maybe I'm blind. Does anyone know anything about Boxee running on the new AppleTV? I have one of the first 40GB AppleTVs and love it, but want to move it into the bedroom and get a new AppleTV for the living room.

    I run a media center off of my Mac Pro and 90% or more of my collection is in avi. Boxee handles this beautifully - just want to confirm I'll be able to do the same thing on the new AppleTV.

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    The new Apple TV (2010) cannot run Boxee at this time. It may never run Boxee as it would require a lot of porting from Intell to ARM.
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    that's what i was afraid of. bummer. anyone who has a new appletv, how are you watching your existing (non-iTunes) media collections with it?
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    They are not.. You can't watch anything but Apple formatted videos. This is why I waited and purchased two Boxee Boxes next week! Man that thing is SEXY and it upscales all content to 1080p!
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    Hm, okay. But does that mean I have to run a "media server" app on my Mac Pro? I'd much rather just have a fileshare setup and play the media on the AppleTV, don't really wanna have to play it on the computer and have it "stream" the video to AppleTV.
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    You want the boxee box..

    I've also considered the ATV, but for 100$ more, the boxee box seems to give so much more value. At least for anyone that wants more than just itunes or netflix.

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