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Boxer & Play On Mac

Discussion in 'Mac and PC Games' started by Washac, Jun 21, 2011.

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    Please do not mention Bootcamp, I do not want any MS windows stuff on my machine.

    Are there any game compatibility lists for Boxer & Play On Mac, there are some Windows based RPGs that I would really like to play either bought full priced or from GOG.

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    When it comes to Wine, you have many options... Using Wine directly (pain in the butt), or Wineskin, Crossover, PlayOnMac, and several more... The best pay-for solution and easiest to use overall is Crossover. Other than that, Wineskin is my own creation, because i really hated every other way to use Wine decently on Macs, so I had to create my own way... its totally free, i don't charge for it. I haven't tried PlayOnMac in a few versions, but I didn't like it much back then, though I'm sure its gotten better.

    you can do research and get help on anything Wine based by using WineHQ's Application Database.

    Crossover also has their own specifically for Crossover.

    Boxer (which uses DOSBox) doesn't really have any lists that I know of, but it runs about 95% of every DOS program ever made just fine.
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    Thanks for the reply, think I maybe spending my pennies on Crossover Games :)
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    its definitely the easiest way to go... good support and they make it easy as possible to get games going. If you don't like to dig into it and do a bunch yourself, and just3 want to play the game, its definitely worth every penny.
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    Not to mention that they have a great online database of pretty well every Windows game ever made (including brand-new ones within a few days of their release) to allow for easy sharing of questions and tips. Really great software too, at least in my limited experience with it.
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    I've played several windows RPGs in OSX with custom made Wineskin wrappers (doh123 :D ) or custom made cider ports.

    If you give a hint which game you are talking about I'm sure I can give you some directions!

    Crossover is a great solutions and is perhaps the easiest to get working, but there are some games that run better with custom made wrappers.
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    No game in particular, just want to try some window based RPGs, ( any recommendations would be good :) .

    I did look at the the wineskin thing, went to the website and to say that I do not understand it is an understatement :(

    So chose the easy route, Crossover Games.
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    I don't know, but I purchased Crossover Games and have never had it work good enough to actually play ANY game. I've tried several, new and old, but ALL of them failed in one way or another.

    Before Steam for Mac I tried Team Fortress. It ran, it wasn't playable and the missing textures, and other glitches just made it useless.

    Some of the later tomb raider games, no go. Many of the games I wanted to play, unsupported.

    One of the worst software investments I ever made. :(
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    Did you not check their website to see what games where compatable before you purchased Crossover Games, it does state in the lists that three later Tomb Raider games are untested, so if you buy to play those then I would say that you really
    cannot complain if they do not work.
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    As for RPGs:

    Dragon Age Series (Origins, Awakening and DA2) already exists for Mac. Dragon Age 2 is Mac and PC on same DVD and should be possible to get on every store that sells games in the world.
    Two Worlds 2 is for mac now
    Assassins Creed 2 is also for mac now
    Elder Scrolls Oblivion, does not exist on Mac, but Crossover rates it Gold (which means it runs very well)
    Older RPGs like Gothic 1 and 2 runs well in Crossover, Gothic 3 has issues, but I've made my own Cider wrapper and have played the game to lvl 45 with no issues at all.
    The Witcher runs oki on crossover (some people has graphics issues tho), but there is a bug where you can't see your health bar..
    Risen is pretty much a no go too, tried about everything there is and unless you can play with no mouse it's no good in osx.
    Fallout 3 and New Vegas will also work with some effort, if you don't wanna spend time tweaking those aren't for you
    Drakensang River of time was rated gold at crossover, but because you have to apply a no-cd crack they removed it. With a No-CD crack it runs very well.

    There is a bunch of wrappers at the RPG section of portingteam
    but be sure you get the game from a source with no DRM (gog and most retails, do not buy on steam :p ) or be prepared to have to use a no-cd crack on your own legally bought game.
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    Many thanks for the pointers and suggestions :)
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    Well after playing with CrossOver Games since last June 2010 I have NOT managed to play or get any game to load correctly, Boxer is way more fun and easier use.
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    That sucks man :( Crossover Games is definitely not the way to go for most newer stuff. It's not too great for 9x games either but for stuff in between I'd say it holds it's own pretty well overall. I put a fair amount of time into Outrun 2 with it and I'm just starting to get into Dawn of War with it as well.
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    Crossover is based off Wine. Wine is made to run Windows program, not DOS programs. Boxer runs DOS programs, not Windows programs. If you were trying to get DOS programs to run with Crossover, then of course its going to fail.
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    I was trying to get to play some of the games their website states work, but when I tried, rubbish, they ran slow, had graphic glitches etc etc.

    Please do not ask what the games where, I do not really recall, and to be honest I no longer care.
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    some games work easily with Wine... some are difficult to get working. I don't use Crossover much, but it used to be difficult to get many games working that were rated high, because its rated by users, and experienced users don't mind giving gold ratings even if the steps to jump through could be very difficult for newer users.

    Crossover has gotten easier since they started the CrossTie system that has installations scripts for most games so it takes care of most of the complicated stuff for you.

    Of course there will be a performance hit with these extra layers the software has to run through, but it varies from game to game. Many games run perfectly, many have minor issues, some have major issues, and some won't work at all.

    DOSBox (what Boxer uses) has less compatibility problems (since DOS is a much more simple OS), but it also has major performance hits, but the DOS games are so old and need such little performance anyways, its just not noticed... but some games won't work or work right on it either.

    Really you will always run into problems trying to run software made for a different platform... if you want the best way to run software, you use the platform it was originally designed for.

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