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Discussion in 'Mac Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jun 14, 2003.

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    MacBidouille links a post in their forums claiming that boxes have arrived at one store with warnings not to open (presumably before WWDC).
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    One store? An Apple Store? A french mac store? Where!?
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    wow this sounds great. but i wouldnt get to excited until i heard the size of the boxes. it could easily be promotional stuff for a new campaign, or panther info to get the news out.

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    I hope these boxes contain the rumored PPC 970 Macs. I am very much looking forward to their release (if, indeed, they ARE released).
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    Interesting.... Could they be Power Mac 970's. I sure hope so! :D
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    Can anybody translate this for us? It would be nice to know the size, approximate weight, etc. of the boxes. They could be 970 PowerMacs or (Dare I dream?) 970 PowerBOOKS! Anyhows, if this is accurate, then we're looking at some pretty bitchin' hardware updates come June 23rd!

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    i hope these are updates 15" powerbooks... 970s or not, i need an updated one for school.
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    can a native french speaker provide a translation? (none of that google-translated-gibberish please :p)
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    Wow sounds great, but I bet it's just t-shirts or something.:p
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    I work has the FNAC of PARLY II, and indeed we received paperboards which we cannot open (ctrl possible by APPLE France... with strong punishment has the key I presume), according to the size of these famous paperboards, it would seem that there are new portables whose size would be 15", on the other hand the "large ones" are very LARGE, I tried to have fuller infos aupres of my head, it does not know any more, simply that APPLE engaged with a very fast sale, from where engagement of the FNAC.

    I translated the article on altavista, and i know some french....

    It seems to me the person thinks the boxes are the right size for 15" portables.

    I hope its true.... I need a laptop
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    Wow. Imagine if you were there looking at these boxes, and you were as excited about WWDC as we are...

    ...could you resist it?!

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    Maybe 970 powered t-shirts!
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    I don't know about you, but if I worked at an Apple store and had a delivery arrive maked "Do not open until WWDC", you know what the first thing I would do is?....that's right! Open it!
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    FNAC is a kind of department store in france and switzerland...maybe other places too (but i used to see them when i lived in switzerland), kind of like a compUSA style store i guess, mostly CD's, DVD's and electrical stuff so I guess thats the store the article is talking about
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    Yeah I'd wait until everyone had left then sneak a box out to my car real quick, then ride up the box and behold the new whatever is in the box.
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    yeah it would be fun only if you didnt like your job.

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    While I'd love it if this was true, I'm doubtful.

    I remember, back at MWSF03, there was a rumor very much like this. Boxes that contained something mysterious that was keynote-related.
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    <whisper>Just wait till everyone else has gone home ;)</whisper>
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    or replace the box with a replica and same weight, quit your job and move far away, and then find out it was tshirts and .mac handouts.

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    You know, it's rather unlike Apple to send out "secret" stuff like this over a week prior to an "event". So I'm guessing this is either something semi-meaningless (generic "10.3 Coming Soon" poster with no specifics) or a hoax.

    If something generic, they'd place this kind of label on the box just to prevent customer confusion by a salescritter hanging it up early.

    If they were to send stuff out, they'd overnight it for delivery that day or the day after. Sending really secret stuff out this far ahead of time is begging for someone somewhere to open the box.
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    I take it you don't agree then. Calm down I was only j/k :)
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    haha, no no, i dont care either way. i was just saying it would be funny if that did happen, all that trouble for tshirts handouts. i would probably open the box, but if you work at an apple store be very careful or prepare to lose your job.

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    Hopefully these are the 970 PowerMacs! It would be tempting to open them! :D
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    i honestly cant see apple sending a new computer out this early for people to sell, but apple always does surprise us, just doenst sound like something they would do.

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    Yeah it's probably a lot of promotional posters for the new Power Mac G5's. I doubt they would put them out this early (the G5's that is), but who knows?

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