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Discussion in 'Product Recommendations/Reviews' started by KwilsonCCO, May 9, 2004.

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    Man im so excited writing this post on my brand new ibook

    Just bought it tonight at Apple store in north point GA

    I couldnt stand the wait so i drove and brought it home myself

    14 ibook 1.2 with AE stock

    Im in love
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    Congrats, getting a new Mac is always exciting. :)
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    awesome dude, just upgrade that RAM, cause that'll make it a lot faster and you'll love it that much more. :)
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    That is a really nice machine. Congrats. Time to change that signature? :D
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    They are groovy kool!
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    i just happen to have that exact same machine sitting right next to me here at work. a co-worker just got it and i'm setting it up for them. nice machine i have to say. i'm impressed!

    i have to say i'm a bit angry though that they released iBooks faster than my PB... grumble grumble... ;) nice machine though.
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    congrats. i have a new 12in iBook, and am very happy with it. But y ou're not new to the laptop scene like i am. I am a very happy convert.
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    are the new ibooks really reliable, if so then i am buying mine tonight. thanks
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    Yea are the perfect machine for casual computing...

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