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Brand New OLD MBA...how much $$

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by yyc engineer, Feb 18, 2011.

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    My local BestBuy still has one of the "old" (no ssd, 120gb hdd) MBA's on display but there is no price. Also I can't find any listing on the bb Canadian website.

    I am interested in buying this RevC MBA but was wondering how much should I be paying for it, (apple.ca has the refurb for $899CDN...but this is a new one...)

    Any ideas, I'm planning to go in a try to talk them down to selling it for a discounted price but just wondering what range I should be bargaining with them...
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    Aim for a lower price than the refurb Apple store. Isn't this "open box" anyway, since it's on display?
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    Generally BBY does 10% off for open items, and the store near me matched refurb prices with their display models (although I'm sure that's a store-by-store call).
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    The new MBA's are much better, so unless you're hell bent on getting this display model (and no telling how many people have messed with it in the last 18 months) I'd get a new one.
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    Unless bestbuy is giving it to you at a price that will drop your jaws, I would not recommend buying one.
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    The old ones sucked. Why the hell would you want one?
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    I've always seen Best Buy open box items sold at 20% off.

    I agree with the others. Unless it is at a HUGE discount, personally, I wouldn't buy the old version. Get a current-gen refurb.
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    rev c were good macs
  9. hfg
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    Actually, I think both rev B and C were pretty good IF you got them with SSD. The hard disk units were pretty dismal!
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    my rev c has the ssd and its a good performer
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    Rev C display/demo model? Buyer beware (of sloppy hinges).
  12. hfg
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    Yeah ... you would want to check out the hinges on any demo model pretty carefully. I was extremely careful with mine not to open the display so quickly that it banged into the hinge stops, as I think that was what probably caused so many users to experience hinge looseness and eventual failure. Once they start to develop a crack, they are probably "toast".:(
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    I threw an OWC SSD in my revision C, and it benches better than the brand new ones now. Plus, the battery life is better now without the HDD, right around five hours of productivity (mostly coding and compiling). I'm not sure that it's fair to say that the old ones 'sucked' when they are still great laptops.

    Admittedly, it was pretty dismal with the HDD - I'm really not sure how I lasted with it for a year.
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    I agree. I really liked my Rev. A MBA but I would never buy one of them over a newer (Rev. D) version. there simply is no comparison. The 11.6" MBA version blow my old one away.
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    Only do it if you can add an aftermarket SSD. It's too slow with the 4200rpm HDD. Just the SSD makes it usable.
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    They would have to give me WAY more than 10 or even 20% off a last-gen display model after all those greasy chicken fingers had been all over it.
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    i'd be more worried about the crappy cooling on the old MBA and their cpu throttling. not sure if it was fixed by rev C but it sure is in rev D

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