brand new powerbook g4 issues

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by bslax28, Jun 6, 2005.

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    so i got a 12" pb two days ago. its incredible, superdrive, 80 gb, 1.5 ghz.. etc.. lovin it. but.. i have two questions about it. first, AIM crashes after about 10 minutes of IMing. i just click try again and it opens up no problem, but then crashes several minutes later. any idea why? should i delete it and then reinstall it? any other suggestions?

    also, i assume this is normal, but im stiting here iwth my pb on my lab watching tv and its really hot. i mean, reallly hot. how hot do your powerbooks get and is this a problem at all? should it not be used for extended periods of time?

    thanks for the help
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    I would recommend Adium over AIM, just off the bat. Much more fun to use, you can get it at: Other than that, yeah, my PowerBook heats up, but not so much that I can't use it. I do avoid putting it on my lap, though. Are you running and programs that take heavy processing power? Oddly enough, even Firefox is a huge CPU drain, so you may wanna limit the amount of apps running at the same time if you're using it on the go.
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    thanks, adium works well. this is my first mac, after going through 4 pc's, and i love it. who cares if it was made obsolete two days after i bought it? haha
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    Hey, if you bought it and Apple released a new version right afterwards, you may be able to trade it in. Give them a call. If that's what you meant be "obsolete" of course.
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    yep, they get pretty hot. I would recommend some kind of stand for it, it's easier on the wrists and keeps it cooler, definitely a good idea when you're mobile as the fan can use a fair amount of power.
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    I've read good things about the iLap from I'm thinking about getting it. As far as temperatures go, a lot of people reccomend downloading Temperature Monitor from VersionTracker at .
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    I just make sure to have a pillow on my lap or something :p

    However, no need for condom's now, just cook the little buggers ;)
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    The pillow will actually absorb heat and make the powerbook get super hot. No es bueno!
    the icepad(?) from MacAlly is nice. I have one (but can't remember the exact name!)
    it can either be a little tilted stand or you fold it out to make a lap stand.
    it's got airflow channels and everything! :D :D
    I love my Mac accessories... hahaha
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