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break this, ken!!

Discussion in 'Community' started by jefhatfield, Jul 22, 2004.

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    46 consecutive appearances on tic tac dough, 1980
    75 consecutive appearances on 100%, 1998
    2.18 million on "who wants to be a millionaire?", 2001

    i am confident that ken jennings can beat the first record, which is a record on a syndicated game show...the second record is on a non syndicated game show and the all time game show record

    ken returns for appearance 37 tonight on jeopardy

    this is kind of like watching barry bonds to see if he can catch ruth, then aaron in home runs ;)
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    If he does break the second record, he will probably break the third as well. I think he hit $1,000,000 on 30 wins, so if he keeps it up, he just might get all three.
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    Extrapolating he'll break #3 before he does #2
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    I took a practice MCAT today and in the Verbal Reasoning section, there was a passage about MCA, Twenty One, and its playboy Columbia English instructor super-contestant...Whose victory was, of course, aided by the producers.

    You know, Jeopardy's been hurting in the ratings lately...
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    Did you notice the best statement in the usatoday.com article? The highlight is mine:
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    I wanna see Ken go on (don't even think it's on anymore) "Ben Stein's Money". I'm pretty sure Ken would win but... I just think it'd be fun at least.
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    I, for one, think Ken Jennings is legit.

    If he isn't, however, it would put a very dark stain on one of the most popular and respected game shows of all time.

    Well, as much as a game should could be respected, that is! :rolleyes:
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    lol ;)

    take reality tv for instance...we like to believe that it is true, but much of it may be scripted and staged, but we still come back for more

    a dark stain would be what hitler did to germany's reputation in europe, what nixon did with watergate and the coverup, what clinton did with monica...ok, ok, that's not quite a dark stain...maybe a white stain on a dark dress...;)...but you get my point

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