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Breffo Spiderpodium Tablet Review (iPad stand)

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by gnychis, Apr 1, 2011.

  1. gnychis, Apr 1, 2011
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    Breffo Spiderpodium Tablet Review (iPad stand)

    Manufacturer Link: http://www.breffo.com/aboutspt.html
    MSRP Price: $35
    Review: A (strongly recommended)


    Background: After starting a thread to get some feedback on iPad stands to get some feedback, I found the Spiderpodium Tablet stand. I couldn't find anyone who actually had one, and I couldn't find any legitimate reviews of one. I was able to snag one off of eBay for a pretty good deal ($23) from the seller MyGearStore. Now that I've had it in hand for a day, I thought it'd be great to get a decent review out there.

    Build Quality: I was really surprised by the build quality of the stand and legs. I thought they would be more flimsy, very easy to bend (and therefore break). In reality, they are very thick, sturdy, and therefore do not feel cheap and or flimsy. The legs require a little torque to actually bend, but IMO that is a great thing. It's what keeps this thing standing without the weight of the iPad slowly forcing the legs to bend until it's laying on your desk again. The center "breffo" labeled piece has all of the legs nicely attached to it. The rubber that actually coats the Spiderpodium is very thick and is a nice finish to the overall product. It is not a cheap plastic coat that feels it will crack off or peel off over time. It feels like it could go through hell and come out untarnished.

    Stability: A major concern of mine when purchasing the stand, would be its stability. Both in portrait and landscape mode, but particularly in portrait mode where I felt the slightest blow of wind would topple my iPad 1 using the standard Apple case. The same looks true of the Smart Cover, it looks like standing in portrait mode is a gamble. I was nervous that the legs on the Spiderpodium would only maintain stability if the iPad was in portrait mode but leaning back significantly. Fortunately, this is not true at all. The Spiderpodium is extremely stable in any configuration I put it in. At something like an 85 degree angle in portrait mode, I could poke it and it would not even budge. In landscape mode, the same is entirely true. You can poke, push, blow, shake the table, and the Spiderpodium holds up steady. This is a major win in my book. I can't describe how many times my iPad1 toppled when I tried standing it in portrait mode. The nice thing, also, is that since the legs are a heavy rubber... if somehow you do manage to knock this thing over the legs will take the impact.

    Positions (Angles): Breffo's slogan is: "Any position. Any angle." - again, I was skeptical of this. If the stability of the Spiderpodium were not great, I would say that your angles would be limited. Instead, due to the great stability of the Spiderpodium, there are so many angles that you can mount this thing. Any angle you want, it's not a problem for this stand. This was a major reason I went for the Spiderpodium instead of the fixed stands that you see all over the market. I can mount it in Portrait/85deg, Landscape/60deg, Landscape/15deg ... anything really. Because of that, I can set it up nicely to type on at an angle similar to the iPad1 Apple case, which was something I liked. The legs do not get in the way at all.

    Versatility: It seems as though there is so much you can do with this stand. I gave this a test in a car by mounting it on the back of the seat to watch the NCAA Final Four on the road ;) I used 6 of the arms to secure the iPad, and 2 of the arms to attach it to the arms of the headrest. At no point did I feel that the iPad could have fallen off in the slightest bit. The arms held it entirely steady. Again, I was very impressed. The flexibility and sturdiness make the versatility of this stand great.

    Portability: In all honesty, the portability of the Spiderpodium is not going to be as good as those stands that fold up to the size of a pen or pencil. However, it is also not bad. You can pretty much roll it up in to a little ball, or fold the legs in a way such that it is flat. So, you could roll/flatten it and toss it in your bag or backpack. Leaving it wide open is also an option, putting it in a bag and it is like you have an extra folder in there. It could also serve as some rubber padding between your iPad and something else.

    Final Verdict: A, If you want a highly flexible, extremely durable, and very stable stand ... the SpiderPodium is absolutely for you. If you want something super super portable (fits in your pocket), you might want to consider another stand. Overall, it's a great stand and I highly recommend it.
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    very nice..would this work together with some cases?
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    Nice review! I have their iPhone version and like it a lot. I haven't had as much opportunity to use it that much since I already have an iPhone dock on my desk, but I take it with me when I travel and it's very handy.
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    I would guess that it will work, but depending on the thickness of the case, it might not be possible to completely bend the arms around the iPad. It would likely still work out very well to prop it up and hold it in place.

    thanks bud! I saw the iPhone version too and it also looks nice.
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    thanks...very interested in this one...looks very handy...
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    added a picture showing a test of it on the back of a car seat, it worked out great. I am still loving this stand.
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    Thanks for the review. I was about to buy one but the cheapest price on ebay is $34, same with Amazon.
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    Great review. Will buy it gets around 20.
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    Thanks. I did that yesterday morning and am still waiting for a response.
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    I bought one for a recent trip - used it on the plane and tied it around the headrest of the seat infront - didnt seem to annoy anyone but I liked the hieght better. also used it in the car as a GPS - jamed the legs into the car vent with no damange. Also like I just chuck it in my bag after.
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    awesome, just keep checking eBay also. I saw they had only a beige one on eBay so I e-mailed them about posting a black one. They never responded, but one silently popped up on eBay the next day and I purchased it.
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