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Bridgewater, NJ (Bridgewater Commons Mall)

Discussion in 'iPhone Launch Meetups' started by orange812, Jun 7, 2010.

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    Anyone planning on coming here for the iPhone 4?

    Time: 3-5pm (hopefully)
    Quantity: 1
    Color/Size: Black 32GB

    See you all there!
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    I am planning on getting there for when they open! Do you think they would still have any left by 3-5pm?
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    I will try to pre-order/reserve mine at June 15. I prefer to pick it up at the Bridgewater Apple store, but if it can't, I will get it by mail.

    From the experience of iPhone 3GS launch, the line is really long at the Apple store and the ATT store sold out quickly.

    The Bridgewater Commons Mall is not opened until 10:00am, but ATT will start to sell it at 7:00am (not sure about Apple). Any one knows how to get into the mall at 7:00am?
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    I am sure there has to be one door they leave open. I'll head to the apple store next week and ask.
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    I'm planning on being there! I'm not sure when yet - the mall opens at 10 like you've said.

    From the 3G launch, it looks like they opened early: http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=509777

    But I don't know - I called Apple today and they said they won't open earlier than 10. Which I'm not so sure is accurate.

    Once it gets closer I'm sure they'll know - if they open at 7 like AT&T stores are supposed to (since there's an AT&T store in the same mall), I'll go at like 6-ish.
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    I am still not decided whether to go or pre-order. So far, still don't have information about pre-order and pick up at the store. If I decide to go, I think I will be there around 6-ish too.
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    EDIT: Alas, looking more closely at plans, I'm not going to be able to camp out :( I'll be having it shipped to where I'm staying instead.
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    Yet another change of plans

    With apples screwy pre-orders, I was only able to reserve one in store. So, y'all will see me there (I should be arriving around 5ish).
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    I get my iphone shipped to my apartment, so I don't need to go to the store. It's very hard to even get through the ATT's verification system (from Apple site) to get it ordered, but I managed to do that.

    I talked to someone in the Bridgewater Commons Mall's ATT store: the ATT has 2 stock pools of iPhone 4, one for pre-order (ran out), one for June 24th, first come first serve. So ATT store is also a good choice to pick if you want to go there early.

    I wish you best luck.
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    Anyone know when they're opening? My confirmation email said 7am but the people have no idea.
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    Bridgwater entrance by Macy's

    Last year they open around 6:30 to let people in and start the lines. They obviously had two lines, one for reserved iphones and one for buyers. I believe the door by Macy's stays open to allow walkers inside, but I think they didn't let people in earlier. I will probably be by that entrance around 5ish. C u all there. I got mine reserved, it took me all day, of course.
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    Hm actually I just called the store and they said that doors will open at 5am. Store opens at 7 (like all the others).
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    I was there yesterday, they told me all non store entrances will be open and that the Apple store will open at 7. I will before for 6esh as well.
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    Well I called again and this time they told me the mall's opening at 6am. And she said all of the entrances would be open.

    Sooo not sure who to believe...
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    Are none of you guys going the night before? Will the mall kick us out? I call and asked and the guy said I could stay through the night.
    I didn't reserve one.
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    I dunno. I have a reservation though...
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    OK! Got some great info for you guys!! There will be a line forming at entrance 5. The security guy said that is the entrance by McCormick & Schmick's Seafood Restaurant. He said that door only will be opening at 6:30. We can park at the mall over night too. I plan to get there sometime around 7pm-11pm on wednesday with my brother to hopefully start the line? :D but maybe not haha.
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    I was planning to get there around 6am.
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    Did you preorder?
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    Yes, and confirmed it with the store.
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    Wonder when would a good time would be just to try and grab a bumper. Got my coming to my house. Wouldn't dare try and fight the line at that mall
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    What I'm curious about is if people will be lining up before the mall closes. If they do... will they line up outside the mall while it's still open? Or at the apple store till they kick them out?
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    I called the Apple Store and they said they did not receive any shipments yet, and are unaware if they're getting the bumpers.

    And I'm bummed that the mall no longer has the ZAGG stand right outside the Apple Stores, but we can get 20-50% off at ZAGG.com

    I got mine reserved, and will show up at 7 a.m. and hopefully there won't be a huge reserved line.
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    I'm also curious as to what will happen when the doors open to the mall? Will the line from outside be rushed in? or will we all just walk and stay in our line or just line back up once we get inside?
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    Stupid question... Logistics

    OK so you get to the mall early. You park and wait.

    1) If you need to take a leak while waiting to get in the mall, where are you going to do it?

    2) Once you get in the mall and in line, if you have to wait 2 hours and need to take a leak, do you lose your place in line?

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