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Brighton, UK

Discussion in 'iPhone Purchaser Meetups' started by captain kaos, Jun 16, 2008.

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    captain kaos

    So, Brighton has 2 O2 shops and 3 CPWH (1 in Hove).

    Place your bets on who will have iPhone, who will run out and the cost of PAYG!

    Who is going where? I think a pincher movement on all fronts is in order to get hold of an iphone on the 11th! :D
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    I will probably go to the O2 store western road or churchill sq.
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    Going to O2...

    Apparently they will only be available at 18:00 worldwide, so NZ will get them first.
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    captain kaos

    So were talking saturday 12th AM for us then?
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    captain kaos

    Just a thought, as only 2 people, 3 including me have written on the Brighton thread, does this mean we've got the run of the town come iphone v2 day! Hope so!:D
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    The Western Rd shop looks like it is in the middle or a refurbishment. Will it be open by Friday? Do we think that O2 will really open their shops at 7.02am when they normally open at 9am? At the first iPhone launch both shops were not that packed at the late evening launch. VIP Pass anyone?

    Getting very excited though.
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    in working on release day so will be rushing on 3pm trains from shoreham to Brighton to hopefully get mine on Friday! Hope there's some left by that time, for the original I was 3rd in queue!
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    I'm getting one from Brighton. Apparently O2 are opening at 8:02, not sure if the refurb will be done, I hope so!

    I'm thinking of turning up about 8:00, do you think thats a bad idea?
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    captain kaos

    Its hard to know whats going to happen on friday! The refurb will be done by then, i walked past today and theres 4/5 new computer terminals and its pretty much done by the looks of it. Whos to know if its going to be the mad rush that O2 thinks it'll be, or if everyone is going to wait it out for a while! I know i will be now as they're not going to be selling the PAYG on friday so theres not much point in going down, but i may just for a laugh to see whats what! To be honest O2 have messed it all up so much i dont think the general public ( ie, non forum watchers) knows the new version is on sale on friday!, i mean, its not like there is major advertising going on!
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    All the better for us! I would rather get it sooner than later, only thing is I am an existing iPhone customer and I'm not sure if I can even get it in store, hopefully that gets cleared up before Friday.
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    Opening Times

    Do we have confirmation of opening times yet?
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    I was told 8:02, hopefully. Ring them if you like. I'm trying to order online at the moment, Sooooooo annoying!
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    I popped into the O2 store in Churchill Square yesterday (Monday) and they said they would be opening at 9am (Churchill Square opens at 8:30). They also said the Western Road store would open at 08:02 on Friday morning -- the store refurb should be finished by Wednesday apparently.

    The O2 online ordering process was a complete shambles... I managed to get two different O2 login IDs during my numerous attempts at placing an order, but the system kept crashing just before I submitted it. So I'm going to try my luck at the Western Road branch on and if that's no good, then give the Churchill Square branch a try.


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    im guessing that as i finish work at 3pm, i wont be able to get one, what do you guys think? i work in shoreham so i could go to either brighton or worthing after work
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    captain kaos

    Good luck!

    Im hoping my flat mate can get his upgrade at that same sort of time on friday..........then his 1st gen is mine!
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    just added all western road, churchill sq, and worthing shops phone numbers to my 1st gen iphone, figured ill come out of work and phone them each seeing how many iphones are in stock (if any!) fingers crossed
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    I reckon Worthing will be your best bet... I'd imagine they wouldn't be a busy as Brighton... but then again, I suppose there are quite a few O2 and Carphone Warehouse stores in Brighton/Hove!

    Good luck anyway,

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    good luck today everyone! I've been told to phone western rd at 12 and they will tell me my chances of getting one after work
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    Spanky Deluxe

    Just got back from Carphone Warehouse in the mall. I was there at 8am and was first into the store at 9am. Unfortunately, O2's upgrade system is completely messed up and I was sat there an hour until they said they'd put the phone to the side for me and call me when its been authorised (I only live 2 minutes away). Met some great people in the queue though.

    Carphone Warehouse only had a handful of 16gb iPhones and are now sold out. They're also no longer doing any iPhone upgrades because of how long it takes. I should hopefully get mine at *some* point today. They're also expecting more 16gb iPhones in tomorrow and are taking pre-orders.
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    captain kaos

    What an absolute joke! Even 4 days after O2's cock up they're still at it! I have to laugh, or i'll cry!
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    Spanky Deluxe

    Yup, they just don't seem to like current customers!! Got mine now though. :D First impressions, its nice but doesn't feel as expensive as the 2G one because the screen now has a thick black surround and I can also see the three sensors quite easily through the black.
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    captain kaos

    lovely! Well done!

    All this makes me think im going to get a 16gig 1st gen from ebay. Supermonkey ball an other apps are waiting on my mac ready for my first 1 iphone!

    Well done O2, its another fine mess!
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    Hove o2...

    Went to Hove O2 at 7:00 this morning was 15th in queue they only had 12 iPhones!!?.... went to work in London..... was an hour late 10:00!

    Went out at 11 and got in queue in an O2 in the city got iPhone after an hours wait and 45 mins in shop.


    Anyone in Brighton looking to do iPhone development?

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    went from work at 3pm on train, got to western road store and waited in a queue for around 15-20 minutes, now home and trying to restore my data :)

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