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British Motor Show 2006

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by robbieduncan, Jul 26, 2006.

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    I was at the British Motor Show on Monday. For those of you who can't go here are some pics.

    First up some Concept Cars
    Renault Egeus

    Renault Altea

    Hyundai HCD9 Talus

    Citroen C-Buggy

    Citroen C-Airplay

    Peugeot 907

    Mazda Kabura

    Mazda Sassou

    Saab Aero X

    Mayback Excelero
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    Some Super Cars

    Wiesman Roadster

    Ariel Atom (probably Supercharged)

    Pagani Zonda Roadster

    Caparo T1

    Nobel M15

    Mercedes-Benz 300SL
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    Thanks Robbie for the pics... I like the MayBach and M15 cars :D :cool:
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    awesome, thanks for those :)

    wish i could go, i missed the NYC one this year :(

    still, should be some good stuff to go see in Las Vegas when i move there in a few weeks :D
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    Wow...too shiny...eyes bleeding ;)

    Nice pics though!
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    Looks aweosme! Thanks for the pics.

    I was just wondering . . . Did Ferrari have a stand there called 'New Concepts Of the Myth'? They had it at Goodwood Festival Of Speed and it was great, many models of concepts designed from all over the world.

    Get a pic with the Stig by any chance!?
    (I only know about that due to a friend bragging about it in a text!)

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    Ferrari weren't there in an official capacity, although they were well represented in the supercar paddock.
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    WOW! the Renualt and Citroen's look REALLY nice!
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    Ah OK, fair enough.
    It was a great stand, and just wondered if it was at other events.

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    I want an Ariel Atom :(

    That T1 is insane! :eek:
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    I hope it comes with some kind of mouth guard, or you'll be picking insects out of your teeth for the rest of the day ;)
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    the maybach doesnt look so dandy

    I like the saab though:)
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    I "NEED" an Ariel Atom.... fantastic :)
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    must. get. Saab. concept.
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    I love it.

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