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Broadband in the UK

Discussion in 'Apple, Industry and Internet Discussion' started by cwedl, Aug 18, 2006.

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    My family is moving house and my mum refuses to pay for the broadband connection, because I am the only one that really uses it. Can anyone recommend a good broadband company. We currently use BT broadband. we do not want to move away from a BT line so NTL,TalkTalk etc will be out of the question. Bascially I want a fast connection with at least a 30-40Gb cap hopefully unlimited and I don't want to pay more than £30. Do you think I should stick with BT? or go somewhere else?

    Thanking you in advance....

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    Something like TalkTalk does not mean you move away from a BT line. Openreach (bt company) provides the line and your value added services are then provided by TalkTalk.

    You pay TalkTalk > TalkTalk Pay BT

    However, if you also mean that you mother does not want to move away from paying her money to BT then i recommend http://www.adslguide.org.uk/ when looking for an ISP. If your not having any issues with BT Broadband, why move?
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    BT's offer has got more competitive in recent months.

    They bundle in Openzone minutes that you can use in most UK hotspots, they're starting BT Vision in the next few months so you can get video on demand, and I think they throw some VOIP calls into their current package too. It's a 40GB cap on the dearest option (which is still under your £30)

    And although many LLU operators (who tend to be cheaper and capless) do make you also take phone services too, there are a few who don't. I use Be but still have a BT phone bill for my calls
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    Cool thanks, I will probably just stay with BT, they have been fine, no problems at all. Its just this Total broadband, sounds interesting may sit down with my mum and consider using VoIP.
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    You will also get your own VOIP phone number (05XXXXXXXXX) number so you could always use your usual house number as you do now and your VOIP number as your very own. Always helpful if someone calling you wants to cut call charges or the signal at your house is terrible.

    I do agree that BT's offering is getting much better.
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    I recommend BT as I've been with them for several years without a single hitch. Plus, if you've upgraded to their 'up to 8MB' service before the new BT Total Broadband was launched, you get the free Wireless Home Hub (just give them a call, they'll get the router ordered up for you and you can also ask for the BTOpenzone minutes while you're there)

    I considered switching away at one point, but BT are very competitive and their connection has been flawless since day 1.
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    Whoever, you choose, just don't choose Wannado! Although I haven't personally been with them, I know lots of people who have. Not a single one of them has had a positive experience. My girlfriend had to keep paying Wannado whilst they took two months to send someone round to look at their faulty connection. A woman I work with has been signed up with them for six months, but hasn't even been able to use it yet! Yet she still is made to pay! Their customer service is dross.

    My family use Tiscali, which is OK. Their speeds can be a bit erratic - for example last night I was struggling to get 30kb/s, even though we're paying from 1mb/s. Most of the time though the speed maxes out at 300kb/s, which is OK for their needs. At my own place in London we use Virgin, but thats only because they offer a service with a monthly contract for a bit extra. The speed is pretty crap, but that's probably more to do with seven people in the house sharing than it is to do with Virgin.

    The above advice sounds pretty good to me: Go with BT.
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    We just got set up with BT Total Broadband. The only issue we have is that with WPA security on the supplied "homehub" the connection drops out frequently. Very odd, need to bitch to BT about it :rolleyes:
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    Good Luck :D

    every time i phone them up , they cut my broadband off :mad:

    but hey , i'm not bitter :D
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    I use Demon which gives unlimited (up to 8Mbps) internet access for £20 per month, and unlimited broadband with a fixed IP for £25 per month, I have never had any problems with it either and they offer a good service.
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    Also remember if you have SKY TV or an Orange Mobile you might be able to get it for free of for a 30GB cap for £5 per month with SKY. You need to check if it's in your area yet..... it's not in mine :-( until Jan.
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    Orange's cap is 2GB btw.

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