Broken Avatars?

Discussion in 'Site and Forum Feedback' started by wrldwzrd89, Feb 15, 2005.

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    So far, I'm getting broken images instead of avatars for 3 members:

    What's going on here? Does anybody know?
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    I get the same as of recently but nothing is permanent. It happens randomly and disappears randomly too.
    I also get the occasional "cannot load page" again that I thought I had gotten rid of.
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    I'm getting frequent errors of this type on MacRumors Forums. Safari and Shiira handle it differenly, though. Safari displays an error dialog saying no data could be loaded from this location, while Shiira displays a blank page and nothing else.
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    Not sure what's going on. As one of the people mentioned I thought I'd better reply! I was going to point the finger at my web hosting, but as all the avatar images are served up by the MacRumors server it doesn't look like that's the problem. Probably just a passing issue...
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    i see robbieduncans tar just fine :)
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    I can see all the 'tars fine...
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    Me too. It must have been a temporary glitch.
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    i noticed it earlier, but they are fine now, i guess its something that comes and goes, lets hope its fixed now though

    edit: i just noticed Mav51(?) & WinterMute's avatars aren't showing for me now, so who knows whats going on
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    this just happened a moment ago with my own avatar, after i posted a new message. A page reload brought it back tho.
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    Maybe we should post that bug in the Site Comments section if it happens to more people? It happened again for me yesterday with two tars so I don't know. They are never the same though.
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    mad jew

    I'm getting this a little too. Are all the avatars kept on the Macrumors server or are some of them kept privately on the web?
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    Let's see...(checks User CP)

    As it turns out, you can "remote-load" an avatar from some other web space if the other site permits such behavior. Just specify an avatar URL instead of uploading one from your machine, and it'll get served on MacRumors from wherever it's located on the web.
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    All avatars are hosted by MR on the forum server. Doesn't matter if you upload from a local file or specify a URL for vBulletin to download the image from, they both wind up hosted by MR.
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    Thanks for that edesignuk - I didn't know that vBulletin will download a remote image used for an avatar and serve it locally. I assume that feature is in place to minimize broken avatars due to remote servers being unavailable as well as keep page loading times down.
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    I looked in to this when I was after setting up remote avatars on my on (now dead) forums. It can be done in vB, but you have to "hack" the feature in, which I know MR haven't done.

    All vBulletin boards will download any remotely specified 'tars to their own server for size checking etc to work correctly.

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