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Broken iPod nano 3G screen. Questions...

Discussion in 'iPod' started by capoeirista, Mar 18, 2008.

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    Damn. I sat on my nano (forgot it was in my back pocket) and the headphones must've pressed into the screen really hard, leaving a weird black ring in the shape of an earbud, and a completely busted screen. I know the rest of it works Ok, as random guessing of where the menus are leads to music coming out!

    So.. questions... as Apple are unlikely to repair it (unless I can think of an AMAZING excuse) should I:

    i) Sell it for parts on Ebay
    ii) Buy a replacement screen on Ebay and try to fix it (Is this easy? I've not found out how to do this yet, all the vids I've found are for 1G/2G)
    iii) Just accept it as bad luck, then wait for a mate to go abroad and get me a new on tax free.

    Thanks everyone!

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