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Broken iPod

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Jovian9, Oct 19, 2004.

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    My sister has a 1G 5GB iPod. Recently it quit working. When turning it on or charging it (or plugging into the computer) it becomes real loud and sounds like the hard drive is spinning. The Apple logo will come up each time. If I leave it plugged in for awhile it will come to the part where you select language, but will not let you go further. Next it goes to the 'sad faced :( ' iPod icon. Is this iPod repairable? Is it the hard drive that needs replaced? Where would she go to have this fixed and would it be expensive? Thanks for any help!
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    If she bought it within the last year (within the UK) atleast the warantee will still be in tact. Call apple and see what the say.
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    Woops. I misread as 15gb :eek:

    Still, your best bet it to ring Apple, see what they say.
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    Repairing ipods are expensive.
    I talked to my local dealer about my ipod problems (headphonejack was toast).
    He said that ALL ipod repais (atleast in norway) had too be done by apple (not at an apple service centre).
    He said that the repair would probably cost over $100.!! And that is for replacing a headphone jack input.

    If you ipod is getting sad, then its a huge prblem (likely damaged harddrive).
    The drive replacement by apple would probably cost nearly the same as a new ipod..

    But give them a call and see whats they reccomend.
    Anyway don't spend much money on a over two years old "techno gadget"
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    i did too...
    if it's the hard drive you could buy a 1.8"hdd from newegg and install it yourself. there's no warranties to void since it's so old. i've seen tutorials online but dont have any links at the moment. what i'd do is just get a new one, perhaps off ebay.
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    how expensive would this be, my 1st gen 5 gig died too, if I could throw a new hd in there and get it working again, even another 5 gig, it'd be sweet... i want it as more of a souvenir, considering I got my iPod in 2001.

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