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Browser recommendations for the iPad

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by Batavian, Apr 9, 2012.

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    Currently using Dolphin and really like how quick it is. Though I'd like the ability to increase font size (which Dolphin can't do).

    Testing Mercury. I can increase fonts. And looks like there is an ad blocker. But its not quite as snappy as Dolphin.

    Have heard good things about iCab. But havent spent the money on it. Anyone use it and can comment?

    Any comments on these browsers for the iPad, or recommendations for other browsers?

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    Mercury yes, iSwifter (Flash) and Chrome like browser "Diigo browser" :)
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    I've had great luck with Atomic and Skyfire, but I can't answer your specific question about text enlargement. I still use Safari plenty often as I find it to be just as good as any more often than not, but I like the desktop mode options in the two I mentioned among a couple of other tricks they have up their sleeves. Skyfire offers a built-in FLV player to manage most flash-based video you'll encounter, and Atomic allows for the download of just about any file out there so you can move it into a dropbox account. I suppose I'll have to look into Dolphin now too. Seems like you've had great luck with it overall.
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    I like the iCab mobile browser.
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    I have Atomic and it works fine, but I just end up using Safari most of the time.
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    "I have Atomic and it works fine, but I just end up using Safari most of the time."

    I like Atomic, but only iCab will download my banks QFX file.
    Atomic looks like it's downloading, but only downloads certain normal files.
    Atomic has different colors, Mocca nice.

    Wish my iPad would show what app is running, but sadly always says iPad in the top left hand corner.
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    Having tried many browsers such as Atomic, Mercury, Diigo, iCab is by far my favorite. It has a unique feature for an IOS Browser, and that is its Modules, one of which allows you to change the text size. This is a screenshot; the order of the modules can be configured in iCab's Options, as well as whether they are enabled or not:


    ICab also allows one to upload pictures, as I have just done.:) you can see a few of thise modules in the pic too. Very useful!
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    iCab can download Youtube videos?
  9. laurenr, Apr 11, 2012
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    Most of the time you can download Youtube videos in iCab, but not always. I just chose a short, random video (in .mp4 format) to download. You can select to "display" it (in iCab), or to open it in an external app. You can also save this, or any file you download, to your Dropbox, which is a great feature:



    Icab has about 20 Javascrip Modules embedded that gives it many other functions that other IOS browser simply do not have.
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    I mostly use Atomic but after random crashes I'm looking for different options. And in regards to safari, is there way to set safari to not save recent searches without having to clear the history?
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    I'll be glad when these browsers update to support retina.

    Does any support it yet? I don't think the last time I checked.
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    Quote from iCab website:
    "iCab Mobile 5.7 released. This update add support for the new iPad 3 and its Retina resolution......."
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    Nice! I tried iCab on my iPhone. I'm going to check it out for my iPad. Thank you.

    Edit: Nevermind, $1.99? :-/ I already know I'll use it for a day or so, then go back to Safari, lol. I'll just keep my little $2 and use that towards Draw Something and another $.99 game.
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    iCab rocks.

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    Which browser or browsers allows you to swipe to go back and forth on web pages like on Mac OS? Also is there one that's allows me to do the swipe back and forth, play flash and has an ad blocker?
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    I bought Atomic and iCab at the same time and initially liked Atomic more, but have now switched exclusively to iCab.

    More options for multi touch gestures is a must for me and Atomic just wasn't cutting it.
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    I typically use Safari but when necessary I'll use iCab.

    I can change the user string to emulate other browsers or platforms, I can save downloaded files and upload files, and has some nice gestures/features.

    And the latest update adds retina-resolution UI elements.
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    I like Grazing web browser. Very fast and smooth and allows you to swipe between web pages.
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    ICab is by far my favorite. I've used it since it first came out on the iPhone. It comes closest to doing all the things you're used to doing on a desktop.
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    Will have to try iCab. Thanks.
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    I use Atomic, but this might convince me to switch to iCab! Any clue if its memory usage with multiple tabs is better/worse than Atomic?
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