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Browsing and overall smoothness issues on MBA 13"

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by aircanman, Aug 7, 2013.

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    Just received my new MBA 13" 512GB and have noticed that when scrolling and general use, it seems very choppy, compared to my MBP 13" which is smooth as butter, anyone else have this issue?
  2. AXs
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    maybe adjust scrolling speed?
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    Safari is very choppy on some web sites. Other than that I don't have any problem.
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    Definitely found the MBP smoother when browsing and opening apps which have any sort of animation on them, which is a shame really, was hoping the Air was going to be something special considering the cost!

    So far I am loving the boot speed which is about 10 seconds, and the apps load lovely and fast, but other than that not as blown away as I thought I would be. :(
  5. AXs
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    return it and buy a pro, or wait for pro refresh.

    FYI - the Haswell Air > Your 13" MBP in terms of CPU/GPU/SSD (which ever model you may own)
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    Think I will return this MBA and keep my pro, don't see any sort of improvement :( - ah well I tried lol. Thanks for the info.
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    People have complained about this on the 2013 model but I haven't noticed it on my 2012. Heavy content sites of course it's less smooth though
  8. AXs
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    to be honest, I dont think you even bought an Air. At least not Haswell. Sounds like you're just here to pat yourself on the back for owning last year's model... or bought it with no intention of keeping it. Pics or it didn't happen :p

    Every benchmark comparison has shown that Haswell Air > 2013 13" rMBP... let alone regular MBP (do they still make these :p). I've had no issues whatsoever.
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    I have noticed this too! I might have to take mine in... I'm not sure what is going on, but benchmarks and video reviews show smooth performance but I even get some delay when I'm scrolling through iTunes.
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    My scrolling is as smooth as silk. Never a stutter.
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    When I go to watch YouTube videos on my Air, flash lags in any web browser except Safari. Almost feel like I'm using my G5 to watch youtube vids.
  12. AXs
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    Do you have 4gb or 8gb RAM? maybe you're running too many simultaneous apps/background apps?

    I've got 8GB Ram and never had issues even with playing 2 1080p youtube vids simultaneously over 2 screens (native and external).
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    I just got mine today and have "new toy syndrome" so I have been using it non-stop. No stutters for me whatsoever. Smooth as silk.
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    Mine has 4GB ram (I wish that I opted for 8!). The only other app that is always open is Spotify.
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    Mine has 8 RAM and is as proverbially smooth as silk.....
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    Do you guys have slower scrolling when in fullscreen? Because when my apps are fullscreen, it is easier to notice.
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    Just tried scrolling the United States Wikipedia page in full screen, Very smooth and the full page loaded within a second !

    i7 + 8GB + 512 SSD 2013 Air
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    So, I can scroll smoothly in chrome, but what are your experiences with the App Store full screen and iTunes full screen?
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    I have this problem too. I have the base 13 MBA model.
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    software/firmware updates?

    I purchased a new base model MBA 13" 2013 model today and had the same issue. After applying the necessary system updates from the App Store it smoothed everything out. You might try software updates. If that doesn't work, I installed Mavericks DP5 and it's even better now. Not sure what else it would be though, Good luck!
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    Hopefully not going off topic here, but how has the Mavericks worked out for you so far in terms of performance? Any explicitly noticeable differences in performance when doing regular tasks?
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    Performance is just as smooth as it was completely updated on ML, but I think it's arrived at the point where I can't tell the difference in system animations, etc.

    I get a couple extra hours of battery life, on average, though.
  24. Mrbobb, Aug 14, 2013
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    Safari on my 2011 Ivy Bridge (2 years old technology) OSX 10.8.2, feels silky smooth to me, and I am very sensitive to it, so can't say why a 2013 would have any trouble.

    General scrolling is fine too, although Chrome/Firefox, well am guessing Apple is not passing on to them all the "tricks."

    Watch ur cpu loads and temp, maybe some background task is messing u up. From time to time, FLASH will take a large cpu load for no reason and I just have to close browser and re-open, doesn't happen enough to bother me, but am feeling why Jobs had a distain for FLASH.
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    depends on the website actually theverge.com for example is not smooth at all and this is on and 13", i5 with 8GB. I really hope for mavericks to improve performance

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