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Bruce Willis is 'Die Hard' iPod addict

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, May 6, 2005.

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  2. jsw
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    Odd. I've never seen the "Die Hard" iPod. Does the top of it explode?
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    I think it includes lots of campy one-liners with a silly little laugh. It used to have a matched pair, but it doesn't come with that anymore, and the other part of the set only goes with newer models now.

    I'll be here all week. :D
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    No.. but it keeps repeating "Yippee-Kiyay-Mother****er" over and over for some reason..
    Plus it has a laser engraving.. "Hhhhaaaaaaaaannnnnnsss!" (or is it "Hhhhaaaaaannnnzzzz"?)
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    Well he might be, but I am a "Die Harder" iPod addict.
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    And the 3G model spends a lot of time abusing the Joe Pesci model.
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    good to see more endoresments, but Apple's Computer systems need 'em a bit more nowadays than the iPod :cool: ;)
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    No, but it comes preloaded with an MP3 featuring Alan Rickman humming Beethoven's 9th Symphony.
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    It doesn't work with iPod socks; the only case that fits it is a white vest... :p
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    But Bruce's endorsments seem kind of hollow to me. Check this out.
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    You mean besides those from Rush Limbarf? :)
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    That's Lethal Weapon, not Die Hard. :)
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    well at least this wasn't done for money (that we know of) but out of genuine appreication for the product, and on his own website....
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    Well, just as long as it doesn't come with Bruce Willis' blues albums, it can come preloaded with just about anything... :p
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    lol that makes me love bruce willis's endorsment even more!
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    Sad part is that Rush Limbaugh is doing a lot more for Apple these days than Al Gore is. And he's not the one on the board for crying out loud. Oh well, I guess that's Al's reward for inventing the internet....or something.... :D
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    LOL! Maybe he's working in Internet3? :) Yes I know..
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    I always get Mel Gibson and Bruce Willis mixed up for some reason. That would have totally made my Passion of the Christ/iPod Shuffle joke totally lame.

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    Oops. My bad. I get all those no-plot-but-lots-of-explosions movies confused a lot. :D
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    Even more annoying is the striking similarity between Bruce Willis and Jerry Doyle (of Babylon 5 fame).

    (Follow the links and compare their portraits.)
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    LOL. True. But I always thought BW had more pinache.
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    Especially for Jerry Doyle as he get's asked a lot to give Bruce Willis autographs.
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    He's a multi-millionaire and he uses a $5 cassette adaptor to connect his iPod to his car. :rolleyes:
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    prolly sounds better than the 10k bling version
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    Does he use a Mac? Maybe Apple should contract him to make a commercial... (an iPod one, if he uses a Mac, film both) :cool:

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