BTOs Power Macs delays : no more

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by giovanni, Feb 22, 2003.

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    For those of you interested, such delays no longer exist. At least for BTOs with superdrive and bt module. Mine shipped in 1 day ! Too bad, now that I wanted to cancel and add a combo drive, I could not do it. I called Apple to cancel my order and they told me, too late, it's shipped !!! this is how I found out :). Now, I don't even have a choice, I will have to find those combos by myself ...
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    I would suggest getting just a CD burner instead. You can get a very fast CD burner, and any DVD playing will be at a good speed on the new Sony SuperDrive (4x).
    Anyways, that's great that the computers are shipping! Now if only we could say the same for the 17" PowerBooks.

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    well, im sure it wouldnt be hard to find out which combo drive is the best performer. or maybe it would, damn i dont know :D. anyway, like i said, maybe macworld has some reviews.
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    yeah, i would have to aggree that if it fits your needs a CDRW drive is better. it'd be faster than a combo drive, and it'd cost less.
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    damned, that might be a great idea !!! just a cd burner ... oops, now which one (just kidding, I will do some homework..). Anyway I did not realize they'd be much faster, but that was the main thing I was looking for, burning cd's at a better speed than the superdrive. After all, I watch my dvd's on tv.
    Thanks for the good advice.

    And for those waiting on the 17" PB, patience dudes; at least you knew from the beginning it was going to take some time.

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    I ordered a BTO 1.25Ghz with superdrive on the 04/02/03 and was told some 2 weeks (being just the other day) later that they had been shipped by apple but they were unsure where my computer was. So can people getting new BTO 1.25Ghz please post when they get them so people like me in can have a rough guide to celebrate a late valentine's day.:)
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    You should look at the Plexor 48x burners as they're black, which would look much nicer in the MDD tower you've just got. It would match the Superdrive in colour, and not have some horrible beige tray coming out! It's also fully supported by Apple.
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    do you know whether that would be the plextor plexwriter model ? it would seem so...
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    all I would say is that they are now shipping fast. It seems as if Apple had trouble lining up all the various components (bto options) but suddenly they got lots of them.
    My original order (superdrive + bt module) was placed feb 6 with ship. estimate 5-7 days, then got pushed to 3/11 !!!
    I cancelled, made changes, recancelled..... finally placed order friday two days ago when estimates were 3-5 days and it shipped the next day.

    So hopefully yours should be hours away.
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    I don't undertand, I placed my DP 1.25 order on 1/ was supposed to ship by 2/4. As of yet it hasn't shipped. And people who placed their order after me already have theirs. Maybe I should've just threatened to cancel...
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    very strange indeed. Hell, I did cancel, twice actually, and I will still get it well before Apple's last estimate on my very first order which was 3/11 (placed on 2/7, it was originally 5-7 days, but then they sent me an email with the 3/11 estimate) !!!
    Mine is now on its way.
    May be it has to do with your bto options ... ?

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