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Buchanan Street, Glasgow, UK

Discussion in 'iPhone Purchaser Meetups' started by Santa Rosa, Jun 15, 2008.

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    Santa Rosa

    The official Glasgow meetup thread!!

    Not entirely sure whats going to be happening on the 11th if anything at all but the thread is here to discuss and organise something maybe.

    I for one intend to be floating around on the 11th so might bump into a few of you (if there are any!!)

    More details nearer the time then!!!
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    If the PAYG is a reasonable price and can be bought at an apple store then i'll be there at launch:cool:
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    Santa Rosa

    From Edinburgh, burn you at the stake!!! Only joking lol :)

    Im speculating that the 8GB and 16GB on Pay & Go will be in the original price brackets of £269 and £329 respectively. If those seem reasonable to you then you may be making a purchase!!

    I was an early adopter, Nov 9th first day out!! and paid that and honestly can say probably the best £269 big ones I have put out on something in a long time. The iPhone, for me, has been legendry so far and is something I now couldnt live without!!


    On another note, it has been discussed in other threads that the iPhone on contract may not be available to purchase in the Apple Stores.

    It is something I have been looking at with the fact that the Apple UK website only states O2 Stores and Carphone Warehouse Stores as being the places in which to aquire the new iPhone 3G maybe due to the fact that they need contracts signed for them to be activated.

    Anyway, there are Carphone Warehouse and O2 stores on Buchanan Street so its pretty much close enough!! :)
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    Don't worry i'm from paisley originally:D

    Anything under £300 is reasonable for me as i just cant justify a £35 month tariff as i use about 50mins and 200texts at most a month so the PAYG would be ideal for me.
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    Santa Rosa

    That makes everything ok then :D Might see you at the launch!! (Shout out to anyone from Paisley!!)

    Anyone ideas about Macrumors idenitifcation lol, badges :rolleyes: I dont think so.
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    I can't be bothered with the queues (there's gonna be queues, right?!) - I'll try to sneak under the radar and bag one from O2 or Carphone Warehouse in Paisley.

    Of course, I then have to balance the potential lack of queues with the possibility of getting mugged :p
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    I'm gonna be heading up to either Braehead, Silverburn or Buchanan Galleries/Buchanan Street.

    Think Silverburn only have a CarphoneWarehouse though.

    Don't know if I can even get the iPhone, I am currently 8 months into an 18 month contract with O2. Been getting conflicting replies from O2 customer service about it. Hopefully, the stores will know on Friday.
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    Duplicate threads

    There's another Glasgow thread here - http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=508541

    I didn't see this one before so started posting on there.

    Looking forward to Friday although not sure what time I'm getting out of bed and what store to go to. All part of the fun I suppose!
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    I will be going to the o2 store on sauchiehall street along from HMV, I was orginally told last Saturday that opening time was 7:02 but I have heard alot of people say that has now changed to 8:02. I will roll out of bed at 6:15 and be out the door by 6:40. I have talked to a few CW in the area today and they claimed they only got 2 16GB's in but they did go on to say they are expecting another delivery on the friday that morning. Fingers crossed guys I hope you all get one.

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