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Buffalo, NY

Discussion in 'Leopard Event Meetups' started by TFrank2, Oct 17, 2007.

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    Hey Everyone,

    I'll most likely be waiting in line around 4:30-5, so I'll cya there!
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    I'll be there, female friend in tow :D

    Might not get there until 5:30 or so, we have picnic plans before it so everybody pray for nice weather...
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    Hoping to be there at 5.30pm- I dont get off the university until 4.45pm, and its quite a drive to galleria.
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    Walden Galleria for the win! I'm planning on being there 4:30-5ish too, though the official part-tay doesn't start till 6, I have plans for later in the evening.

    I wonder how busy it will be.
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    When they released Tiger, I was about 25th in line and I got there about 5. When 6 rolled around there was a pretty large line, went from the front of the store and wrapped around the side and just kept on getting bigger and bigger.

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    I wont be purchasing Leopard there. I am going there mostly to test drive it, and in the hopes of getting a free Tshirt :) The most that I intend to buy at the store is a Neoprene sleeve for my MBP.

    I plan to get Leopard from my oncampus bookstore...
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    Buffalo.......Apple Country

    The Walden Galleria Mall should be packed by 5pm.......I remember the last OS X release........this one is going to be even greater.
    Save me a spot Friday.......this is what it's all about.

    We should physically move the Dell kiosk to the other side of the mall.....in the center of the food court!

    Apple Rules!!!!!!
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    So you can't actually buy it till 6, right? I'm a newb here. Woohoo, standing in line. I need my sister to see if she can buy it at the RIT bookstore. She's just so not into this though, and she can't have Leopard cause her laptop is a *cough* *cough* Dell *cough*.
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    You folks are to blame if I dont get to be the first 500 people in the Apple store... stop scaring me! :D:D Only if my university had its classes cancelled... unfortunately, I still cant be there until 5.30pm. Really hoping for a tshirt though.
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    Yay for no Friday classes! Where ya go?
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    State University of New York at Buffalo... too bad I have a lab which I cannot afford to miss :mad:
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    D'Youville here.

    I called UB Micro today though, and they're having it for $89.99 for SUNY students, starting "Sometime next week, I think." Gerrrr...."sometime next week" tells me nothing!

    She was however, able to finish my sentence.

    Me: "Hi, I was wondering if and when you'd be getting..."

    UB Micro: "Leopard?"

    Me: "Uhm...yeah."

    Sisterly figure is picking it up at RIT for me ($79 there). I, like you, however, will be there for the t-shirts and the environment.

    We need to wear like Mac Rumors stickers or something, so I'll know who to go up to and say, "Hi, I'm someone28624."
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    Wow... I dropped by UB Micro a couple of days ago, and they said that they'll sell Leopard for $69 for us UB students. Now after reading your post, Im gonna check on them tomorrow.

    I'll see you all at the Galleria tomorrow!
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    I was more like 18th in the line.... just around the corner. How many people do you think there were all in all?
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    When I left, the count was at around 350 with plenty more to go..

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