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Burj Al Arab in Dubai Introduces Gold-Plated iPads for Guest Use

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, May 20, 2013.

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    The Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai is perhaps the world's most luxurious hotel, and the latest addition continues that tradition. The seven-star hotel is now giving 24-carat gold-plated iPads from Gold & Co to guests for use during their stay.

    The iPads will act as a 'virtual concierge', offering information on restaurants in the hotel, as well as spa treatments and butler services. They carry the Burj Al Arab's logo on the back and they are available for purchase in the hotel's boutique.

    Article Link: Burj Al Arab in Dubai Introduces Gold-Plated iPads for Guest Use
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    Lame. I have to of these in my bathroom.
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    And with built in webcams, they've been programmed as in room surveillance.
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    I guess they ran out of things to plate in gold.

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    I wonder how heavy they are :D ?
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    Well that's one way to ruin a great product.
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    I think the gold colour makes them look considerably worse lol.
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    Wow, those people have no taste.
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    It's the pad, the pad with the Midas touch.
    (Its U.I.'s touch)
    Such a cold iPad
    Beckons you to enter its web, world wide
    Using Wifi

    Golden pixels it pours in your eyes
    But its Retina display can't disguise
    For an Apple fan knows when they've used it
    It's an add-on charge
    From Dubai's
    Apple fans, beware of its shell of gold
    Its shell is cold…
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    It's only gold plating, so not really any difference in weight.
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    People are starving throughout the world, and this is what turns people on? :confused:
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    Seven-star hotel?? There is no such thing *facepalm*
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    Compile 'em all

    An iPhone, a couple of hundred dollars, turns people on. :)
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    What? No diamonds? I'm amazed at the cheapness of this place...:rolleyes:
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    when a room at night cost 25.000 dollars you would expect them to give this for free :D
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    Looks garish and tacky.
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    I wonder how much is it to purchase one of these.
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    it'll be out dated in a few months Lolz
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    Somehow I get the urge to watch a Bond movie...
  20. PBF
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    Most cardashing and caniest way to spend money. :(
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    If you have to ask, its too much.

    Anyway, Apple fans don't ask the price, they just buy. :rolleyes:

    I wonder, was the coat done to a finished product, or was it done at the the factory, applied to the shell and then assembled? If the latter, was Apple involved?
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    I bet they have no Apple warrantee
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    A few years back it was the fad to gold plate emblems and other metal car trim. It just stuck to the metal though an electrical current and you sort of painted on the solution. So I don't think anyone had to take it apart, and since 24k gold is far too soft they probably re-plate these all the time. It was very thin and did not last because if you polished it the gold would wear down fast. Sort of a pimp thing to impress 8th grade dropouts.
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    bling bling.
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    They better have unobtainium plated iPad 5 or I am cancelling my holiday reservation over Christmas!

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