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Burn an iDVD project on a windows?

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by Kellie101, Aug 6, 2009.

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    I made a dvd on iDVD on my macbook but my macbook can't burn discs, my windows laptop can though, is there a way I can burn the project to a disc on the windows? Like a way I can convert it or something?
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    Can you export it from iDVD as an image?
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    What like a .jpg? I don't get what you mean...sorry I'm a newb :/
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    No, like an .iso ... hold on ... I'll check.
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    thanks :) and a .iso would play on a dvd player?
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    Go to File > Save as Disk Image ...

    Then you should be able to burn that file as a DVD on a PC.

    You'll have to use something like Nero or Roxio to burn the image file as a DVD on the PC.
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    thanks so much!:D
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    I tried it but roxio doesn't have an option for video?
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    You're not trying to burn video, you want to burn an image.
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    and it'll still play like a regular dvd?
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    Yes, because the image is formatted by iDVD as a video DVD.
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    could you maybe take some caps going through the process? I'd really appreciate it because I need this done by tomorrow morning and I'm a total newbie with all of this
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    I don't have Roxio, or any other Windows burning software, so I cannot help you there, maybe someone else will come along and help.

    EDIT: Try this software, it seems straightforward ... choose the img file, click burn.

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