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Burning a .dmg file on a PC

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by utilizer, Jul 12, 2003.

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    Here's a humdinger for you all; is it possible to burn a bootable .dmg disk image on a PC with a CD burner, of course?
    I ask this, since my Iomega Predator USB is largely unreliable, but I haven't tried using it since 10.1.6.
    The alternative to burning a CD on the PC in the house is supremely better!
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    change .dmg to .iso and burn it with any program that will burn ISO's. this includes roxio cd creator, nero burning ROM, fireburner, etc.

    good luck with panther ;)
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    haha sparkley your so on the ball i was gonna post something about panther too

    mine were .img so nero read them right off the bat
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    Most CD burners including NERO and VOB support the burning of .dmg files anyway.
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    Sorry to report this, but I've tried burning a CD twice under the method you prescribed and got this message when I inserted in my Mac:
    "You have inserted a disk containing no volumes that Mac OS X can read. To continue with the disk inserted, click Ignore."

    I clicked ignore several times after inserting the disk several times but it did nothing, except spin the disk drive down and refused to eject the CD after several attempts.
    I will say that I got an error from Nero everytime, saying that the image was too small a file as indicated by the info in the file; it asked me if I wanted to continue, then I checked the file sizes both times: 488 MBs is what it was, and that's what it burned too. Also, I can't read on the PC; at least that's what I assume but I'll check after posting this message and come back to edit it if it does indeed work.
    Then I wanted to see if my Predator would burn the CD instead; now to compound matters as if they weren't already bad, my Predator isn't recognized I discover after reading on Apple's support site (of course the discussion area) after 10.2.6 without hacking some code on a CD support file!
    Is there some kind of program out there that will resave a .dmg file into a Nero (nrg, I think) format or what not?
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    you can make the .dmg file a CDR image with disk copy i believe. it should have already been that way, and if it wasnt i think you are SOL. a bootable cd master should be in ISO format and burnable on any platform.
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    I was wrong, Nero and VOB both support the .hfs disk image format. I think the latest version of Disk Copy can save/create images in that format.
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    And I think I am...


    The only options I get in disk copy when I select Convert Image... from the file menu are "compressed image; Read Only Volume; Read/Write Volume" That's it!

    I don't see anything relating to HFS+ or anything like that. Well, I'm off to hunt the Apple boards! Let me know if both of you have further insight into this matter. you've been helpful so far!
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    You don't have an option for "DVD/CD Master"? That's the one you're supposed to use I think.
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    Ah ha, I got it now. Now I saved the disk as (you know what) "M-- O- - I------ D--- 1" with the DVD/CD Master described and it put cdr.dmg at the end of the file. :D Now what should I do?:confused:
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    easy DMG burning on pc

    how to easyly burn a .dmg on a PC

    1-convert your .dmg file to a CD/DVD master using disc copy (apple+K and choose a dmg file then choose master DVD/CD as format)

    2-once conversion is over, you must change the extesion of the output file to .iso (ex : imagename.cdr.dmg => imagename.iso)

    3-next you've got to choices to burn your image : over network or from the pc's drive. The first way is faster but needs a few confs on the pc side. if you want to burn from pc's hd got to step 5 else follow next step.

    4-on the pc's my computer icon, choose connect a network drive an choose the ip/user of the target mac computer as folder location (ex : \\\user). don't use network shortcuts or transfert would get slower and could cause burn failure.

    5-Launch your favorite CD burning application on the pc an choose burn iso image (the location of the menu depends on the app and version you're using) and select the iso from the mac's hd or the pc's hd. dont forget to check disc at once option and don't allow multisession disk or you won't be abble to read your cd on mac and perhaps pc as well. so finalise your disk.
    For network burning, don't go over 8x burning or you'll get a buffer underrun.

    6-enjoy your toasted .dmg :) on a pc or a mac !!
    i used this method to burn backup of my osx 10.2.6 system as a bootable CD and it worked as well as for simple backup or audio cd, mp3 cd ...

    :eek: note : you can burn also from ftp but burning speed shouldn't be greater than 4x on local network or 1x over internet using broadband...
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    Thanks for the advice

    I was never able to get that .dmg to work on the PC back then; I haven't tried your method but I gave up long ago too! :eek:
    Too bad you weren't here back then!

    I must add that I've recently bought the LaCie d2 52x32x52x CDRW drive and it's absolutely flawless, after I upgraded some LiteOn files so that burning in iTunes and DiscBurner can take place. It worked with Toast right out of the box. Love it.
    In fact, I'm glad you weren't here back then; I wouldn't have bought the greatest addition to my Pismo ever: the LaCie d2!:D
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    yeah iomega burners blow. lacie has been my favorite. they hardly break, and when they do you actually get a human on the phone and get things taken care of very quickly.

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    The problem I am facing now is, I am having panther.dmg
    I am using PC, not MAC computer.
    I wanna try using panther.

    1-convert your .dmg file to a CD/DVD master using disc copy (apple+K and choose a dmg file then choose master DVD/CD as format)
    is there disc copy for pc too?
    or other software that are able to convert or just burn the image without converting?
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    burning .dmg image on pc

    dear senree,
    I have your same problem: how is it possible to burn a .dmg file on pc (because in this moment I'm not able to use a MAC!).
    I hope someone will answer our question: how to make a bootable dmg image using windows?

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    Is this right? Can i just change the extension?
    I have exactly the opposite issue : i want to make a copy of a PC-readable-only CD, but only have my Superdrive on my iMac to burn CDs. So i used EasyCD Creator to create an .iso file on the laptop and transferred it to the iMac, but did not know how to burn that.

    If i change the extension to .dmg, will i be able to burn it to a CD that my laptop could read? (maybe using Toast?)

    (something to make you smile - i asked Toast to burn the games.iso file to CD, and it did it without any problem, except that the created CD has one huge file called games.iso ! :rolleyes: )
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    Same Problem Here

    I have the same problem. I'm wondering if there's a windows program than can convert .dmg to .iso. I do not have a burner on my mac, plus my panther disc 1.dmg is downloaded into my pc. Is there a way i can convert it on my pc?? Would appreciate any help.

    Thanks so much,
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    Try changing the name and see if it will mount on your desktop.

    I think it will. When I first got my PB (first OSX experience) out of curiosity I tried using dd to create a raw image of a CD, then mounted that as a dmg. It worked fine, so it leads me to believe that they are just iso images.

    However I discovered that OSX really does not like it when you use umount to unmount a CD from the command line. Getting it re-mounted or ejected took a bit more effort that I had expected!
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    but didn't someone tried renaming it to .iso only to burn it into a cd that the mac can't register?
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    well, i can report that the reverse does not work : i changed an .iso file (renamed) to .dmg, but could not get it to be read / opened / mounted on my iMac. So the only way i can burn my PC files onto CD is by copying the files to the Mac and then burning. Tedious, slow, but did not find any other option.
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    Clone CD, burns an exact image of the CD, in your 2nd CD drive. I use it to burn Dreamcat Games, and all other kinds of formats that Nero doesn't seem to like. Thats your best bet.
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    alright, I have a .dmg file and 2 .toast files.

    I read some other forum where a guy just changed the extension of the .toast 's to .nhf.... and burned the files fine and it worked.

    Now lets say i change the 2 .toast files.

    If I am able to change the .dmg to .iso, .img whatever with Clone CD...will the combination of the 2 file changes work?

    So then i'd have 2 .nhf files, and then the .dmg file changed to .iso. Is it possible for me to send the .dmg to a friend who has a mac, and get him to convert the file, then send it back?

    Answers to any of these questions would be of help.

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