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Burning a DVD on a mac....putting it in windows

Discussion in 'iPod' started by camilletom, Aug 16, 2009.

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    Hey everybody.
    I was wondering if someone knew what are the odds that a burnt DVD on a mac, containing the music from an iTunes playlist, would not work on a PC running XP. I am moving to another country where I wanna buy a new iPod (since there is probably a september refresh) and I won't have my mac there, so I decided to burn 10Gb of music on 4 DVDs, import the music to a PC of my friend, and transfer the songs to my new iPod.
    Is there ANY reason it won't work?

    Thanks you in advance, and have a great day :D .
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    It should work perfectly ... are you having problems, or is it a hypothetical question?
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    hypothetical stuff...
    But should I just create a playlist in iTunes, click on burn, and start inserting the DVDs, or should I tell iTunes it's date or whatever (I'm not really familiar with the mp3 vs. date battle ^^) .
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    I'd just drag all the songs from iTunes to the blank DVD, then press burn.
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    right. ok thanks :) !
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    If you own toast like i do. there is a mac and pc option that allows you to universally share files from a mac to a pc etc.

    The itunes should work with windows cause your just burning songs to a disc not mac only apps etc;)

    hope this helps
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    thanks yall!

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