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Business Cards Needed

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by VanMac, Mar 19, 2008.

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    I need to get some business cards for a non-profit I'm doing on the side.

    I still need to do the graphics work, and will likely need some input there, but just curious who would be good to use for printing.

    Are any of the on-line services any good? I dont need super high-end, but would like decent quality, as we dont plan to hand out a lot.

    Any input would be appreciated.

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    while not as good as offset, we have had good luck getting stuff done for clients on the cheap with psprint.com
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    psprint has some great prices. If you're in more of a hurry, I'd recommend 48hourprint.com, although they are a bit more pricey. I think both places offer 14pt glossy and 13pt matte stock.
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    Thanks for the couple of suggestions.

    I guess I should add that I live in Canada (Toronto area). I did a quick look at psprint, and they are going to charge $20 to ship 200 cards. Still do-able, but a little on the high side....
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    4over.com has good prices and excellent quality.
    They also have a couple of nice features, such as a custom printer driver for creating trouble-free press-ready PDF files from any program, and RSS feeds for current jobs in progress.

    BTW, I have yet to receive a printed document from this service that does not perfectly match the display on my iMac.
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    I use gangruns.com, & 4over.com, both have excellent quality, 4over does limited runs.
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    I use Overnight Prints.com. Great quality and they always have deals going on. Before you order, check out retailmenot.com for some coupon codes!!!
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    nfocus design

    I second OvernightPrints. I get many compliments on my cards. $75 or more will get you free shipping, but it only applies to continental U.S.
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    Island Dog

    Go with something different than regular styled cards.

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    Third. I have all my printing done by them; They have a quality print job, offer discounts and coupons on a regular basis, and the turnaround is pdq.
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    Oh, and here's a 10% off coupon - mb10

    Hope it helps... :)
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    ninja quality cards!

    I know that they are not cheap, but you have to check out...


    I've seen a few and they are amazing!

    Who doesn't want a business card that doubles as a throwing knife!

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