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Buy a 17" Powerbook Right Now. You'll Love It

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by mrbenbob, Jul 17, 2003.

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    The 12" is too small, the 17" is too big, but the 15" is just right...? WRONG! After playing with my 17" for 10 minutes, I was enormously satisfied with my purchase. I held out as long as I could for an updated 15" powerbook, but when the Joz of Life* failed to deliver yesterday morning, I finally popped. I went straight to the apple store, bought a spanking new 17" powerbook and plenty of apple care protection...

    Yah i dunno where i was going with that... but my point is, I can't believe i ever wanted a 15". The "goldilocks display" at the apple store can be deceiving, slanting the average consumer towards the medium-size computer. Once I got my 17" home, I thought the size was perfect. I appreciate being able to fit a full web page, 2 instant messages and my buddy list on the screen at once. As stated in another post, the big screen is the easiest thing to get used to. If you need a new computer for school, stop killing yourself waiting for apple to deliver. I'd buy my 17" again in a second. If you have the means, I highly recommend it.

    *I forget who said "Joz of Life" but i thought it was hilarious
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    Re: Buy a 17" Powerbook Right Now. You'll Love It

    Knock it off. 17" is too big for me because I need mobility and I dont believe 17" really spells mobility. It won't even fit into my bookbag.
    Secondly, I'm sorry but $3,300 for an outdated computer is way too much. Considering you will get student and developer discound it will still be around $2800.

    There is no reason to go 17" if you are waiting for 15" update unless you crave airport extreme and FW 800. You might as well just buy current 1ghz 15" Pbook. for around 2100
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    Re: Re: Buy a 17" Powerbook Right Now. You'll Love It

    The 17" goes into my Hacker backpack and gets shipped accross London every day, there is nothing wrong with this machine as a portable, it's light and sturdy, I've used PowerBooks since the 165, and this is the best machine Apple have ever designed in terms of portability and performance. Editing video and DVD authoring are excellent on the screen, and it makes running ProTools for location recording a dream.

    Go buy one now, you know size matters:D :D
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    Re: Buy a 17" Powerbook Right Now. You'll Love It

    tabbed browsing, and tabbed IMs in adium allow me to do this flawlessly with a 12". if i DO ever need the space for using say, illustrator or photoshop, i run dual display over a 19" CRT. so, although you have an impressive machine, i think you got seriously played.
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    Re: Re: Buy a 17" Powerbook Right Now. You'll Love It

    Sounds like your 12" isn't too portable any more when you want to do that kind of work.
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    Re: Re: Buy a 17" Powerbook Right Now. You'll Love It

    I'm really glad he jsut pulled the trigger, i'm also glad hes happy. The 17" pb isn't that immobile...iff you have a ag that fits it, its only as heavy as the average PC laptop....so why can't it be as portable as you want it....good Luck with your powerbook, glad to see this thread rather than another when will the 15" be updated
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    The 17 is prob what I'd go with although I'm really waiting on the 15 inch... The 12 inch screen, lack of L3 cache, and lack of DVI out are of concern to me.

    Actually bought a 12 but sent it back...

    Lazarus Long and Ferris Bueller quoted in the same thread... cool!!!
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    I'm with him

    BenBob is right, only I'll expand and say that if you're ready to buy a laptop, just buy one and start enjoying yourself. The 17 is definitely the most future-friendly, but the 15 and 12 are great machines that will easily serve anyone well for many years to come.

    I'm like a kid at christmas waiting for my 15" PB next week. Some call it outdated, I call it mature.


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    Re: Re: Re: Buy a 17" Powerbook Right Now. You'll Love It

    I said 'if,' which is not often. Buying a premium professional notebook for $3,000+ and using it for chatting, email and web is incredibly excessive and frankly hightens the typification of mac users as elitist snobs.
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    The 17" is more portable than my Powerbook G3/233 with 512k backside. Lighter by a pound and thinner by an inch. Plus I have a nice Jeep bag I bought at Syms which I'll add foam padding to whenever I get a 17". But right now I'm happy with my Flat Panel iMac.
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    I love it

    I have been fortunate to own both the 12" and 17" because of circumstance. I let the 12" go but not by choice. I liked that computer a lot and thought I was going to miss the small size. But as I sit here on the 17" I cannot complain a bit. An outdated computer I think not. You can wait for your 15" G5 for years and I will still have this screen I have come to love. It fits in a backpack without a problem unless you're trying to fit it in a purse or one of those one strap shoulder bags. The thiness of it makes it seem a lot less obtrusive. You will not be disappointed with the 17". You wont be disappointed with the 12" if you get a memory upgrade and don't mind the heat issue (which really is not that bad). I hope everyone likes that 15" PB when it finally does comes out, long overdue, but don't be intimidated by the size of the 17 because it is a beauty. Just my two cents.
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    Re: Re: Re: Re: Buy a 17" Powerbook Right Now. You'll Love It

    Say what? Who is possibly going to know what he, or anyone for that matter, is using his computer for? And what business is it of theirs? You think that if someone sees him sending an email from a 17" Powerbook, that they'll think "Typical Mac user. Bought a $3000 computer to send email. What an elitist snob"???

    I don't understand what's elitist about wanting a bright, wide screen and a fast processor. Regardless of the work you do on your computer.
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    I agree with this post... i had placed an order when the 17" pb was announced. After all the delays, I cancelled... and decieded to wait for a g5 pb. When I found out it was not going to come as soon as I had thought, I purchased my 17" PB about 2 weeks ago. I LOVE this thing and carry it to school everyday. People say this thing is too big to carry around.. in reality the dimensions of a 15 inch are 9.5" x 13.4" and the 17 inch are 10.2" x 15.4"

    So the 17 inch is only .7 inches longer and 2 inches wider.. this will not make or break portability... I dont understand why everyone makes such a big deal out of a couple inches... is it really THAT big of a deal? (I realize in a world of insecurity.. a couple inches may be a big deal for some men :D ) And as for weight it is only 1 pound heavier.... eat a couple less donuts for breakfast... it will all even out ;)
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    i realy would buy a 17 incher, but im on an ibook budget
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    i was gonna buy a 15 PB but i think im gonna shell out the extra cash for a 17...how does it relate in size to a 8500 inspiron
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    Sorry but paying $3300 for a laptop that loses (from a hardware point of view) to well made PC that is around $2200 (and 2x faster), is a suicide. Atleats for me. I'd consider 12" maybe but definately not 17".
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    I wouldn't do that. The PC does not run OS X, which is worth the performance hit and extra price to me. My iBook is a fine machine, and a PC laptop I would've bought around the same time probably would've bitten the dust by now (I was looking at a Compaq, a Dell, and an HP). Plus, my iBook weighs 4.9lbs, and has a built in Combo drive. The PCs I was looking at weighed something like 8 or 9 lbs AT LEAST. No thanks, I'll go with the Mac. Even the 17" weighs only 6.8lbs.
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    HEHE. Nah buddy, don't switch from hardware to software. I specifically mentioned: "From the hardware point of view".
    Some people are so ignorant about what's really out there that they sit in their own little belief riding on by their own bias.

    I don't know about what kind of laptops you are talking about that weight 10 punds. but here is one that you may want to check out. It's 1.6 Ghz Centrino, loaded with everything including DVD-R. that is only .96" think and weights with the battery, get this : 4.6 pounds. And price? Ohh yeah, $2200.
    Note, I'm not talking about operating system. If PCs ran OSX, trust me, I wouldn't be on this site. :)
    OSX what makes macs shine. BUt sorry, backlit keyb doesn't cost extra $1100.


    That's my opinion.
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    I've had my 17 AluPowerbook since it came out in the middle of March. After 4 months I am still in awe each time I look at it. I never regretted my purchase. i still LOVE my 17" Powerbook. It is the best laptop on the planet!!:D
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    And whats it made out of? And how big is the screen? And what ports does it have? And how long will it last? And when will it become obselete? And what is the graphics card? And does it have bluetooth? VGA Out...old technology!
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    Dude, it's 14"1 screen. Battery life is 6 hours. casing is plastic. Sorry iron, probably would make it weight more. LOL
    It has 2 USB 2.0 which isnt bad for the size of the computer.
    Don't know about how long it will last, that's a subjective thing that is hard to measure. You can get crappy apple and good PC and vice versa.It is blue tooth ready.
    I do know that - it is 2x faster than 17" pbook, smaller, lighter with better battery life and ohh yeah, little thing, it costs $1100 less.
    VGA out, ohh yeah, thats big minus. blah.
    And how long before it becomes obselete? Well, I cant say that. From point of view what will cost less on ebay, yeah PC will, but from point of view that it will run games like Half Life 2 which 17" Pbook won't, make Pbook already obselete in a sense right? I know you dont buy laptop for games, but power is power, and geames are one of the best ways to measure it.
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    If you'll note I was also talking about hardware in my weight comparisions.

    On the Gateway, beside the fact that it is a Gateway, which used to be a great computer company back when the 486 was hot stuff, I don't see a 17" Widescreen display on that machine. In fact, I don't see a display that can even produce true 24 bit color on that machine. I don't see a graphics card on that machine. What I do see is not a machine that should be compared to the PowerBook. These things alone are worth an extra $1100 to a lot of people. Plus, you're getting a much better designed, more durable, and all in all better machine for your extra money. It's also really nice to look at, something I can't say about the Gateway.
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    The video card is good enough. Sorry but putting Radeon 9800 Pro into 1ghz machine wont make it any more powerful ok? And you see, you start going back to insulting the company. Again that is spinning and is your subjective opinion on how good you think company is. You look at that it has 18bit colors and not 24, but forget to mention that Pbook top fps in q3 is around 70 while that tiny computer can get 86. And honestly, I could give less crap if it is wide screen or not.
    It's not 17", true. But if you compare 15" Pbook, it will get raped from hardware point of view in every single parameter as well.
    OS X and G5s that is what Apple's beauty is all about. Not outdated and over priced G4 laptops. Sorry.

    If you buy a lpatop to look at all day and admire the beauty, but not work, maybe you have something there coming.
    But from what i heard, Ti books look like crap very quickly because of a crappy paint.
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    What's the point of comparing 'hardware only' when we're talking about 2 different platforms? If I want to run OS X, why should I care 'what's out there' in the PC world? What's your point? (Wait a minute, I really don't care.)
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    My point is that apple is selling overpriced and outdated laptops to people who praise them for what seems no reason at all if you look at the competition.

    Let me put it that way, If apple was selling 450Mhz G4 laptops right now as their top laptop technology for $3300, you'd still be praising it as the best hardware out there. Because its a mac and runs osx.
    It's like you dont give a damn about hardware at all?
    "It can't freaking run half applications out there, but who cares it's a mac, and has backlit keyboard. Buy it NOW!"

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